Cain’s rise no surprise after seeing him sweep Denver

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Cain’s rise no surprise after seeing him sweep Denver

(‘76 Contributor) After Herman Cain won the Florida straw poll by more than twice the votes either Perry or Romney got, my thoughts were these:

  1. Contrary to what Morgan Freeman and the rest of the Liberals think, the Tea Party is not racist. For if they were, why would they vote for a black guy?
  2. Contrary to Bill Kristol’s view that this was a vote of no confidence for Perry or Romney and that Cain is just a flash in the pan and can’t win the nomination, I see much more going on. At the end of July at the Western Conservative Summit, I listened to Herman Cain and said as follows: “It’s time to vote for the real black guy.” He rocked the house in Denver that day and swept the straw poll.
  3. A friend said at the time that Cain will never get nominated because he doesn’t have a chance … when pressed for a reason; none was given other than “because I think he can’t.” I heard other reasons like, he has never been in politics before, or he just ran a pizza business, or we already tried a guy with no experience and the American people won’t do that again. Well, I’m here to say the following: If we conservatives keep thinking like that, we will end up with Obama for another four years and America as we know it will be gone forever!
  4. If ever there was a time for a novice politician to come in to save the day, it is now. Don’t forget, our founders were not politicians; they were farmers, businessmen and traders who had an idea. Now we have a successful businessman with actual ideas and solutions, and we pooh-pooh him, we ought to be ashamed of ourselves. Isn’t that what got us into this mess in the first place, voting professional politicians into office thinking they could fix our problems?

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  1. Jer October 14, 2011 at 2:11 pm - Reply

    Good points, but the implication that there are "real" blacks and by inference "fake" blacks (read Barack Obama), is incredibly ignorant and offensive, particularly coming from a Christian Institue that hopes to cultivate higher-level thinking.

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