Occupy Denver: An abyss of envy and blame

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Occupy Denver: An abyss of envy and blame

It is in times like these that I wish I were a great mind, well versed in psychological theory. But then again, I feel Freud himself would struggle to rationalize the behavior of most Occupy Wall Street members.

On a recent Saturday, eight CCU students went down to the State Capitol to volunteer for an event hosted by the Colorado Prayer Caucus. Heading into Denver, we discussed the possibility of a few “Occupy” protestors—when we arrived we discovered a much larger and louder crowd than expected.

Following are a few phrases that were held up on the signs of protestors at the Denver Civic Center Park, directly across from the Capitol.

“Eat the Rich!”

“The Order of the People”

“Bankers killed more lives than the terrorists could ever dream”

“Give me a job”

The tone of this movement is bizarre. I had heard of the Occupy Wall Street movement prior to my first hand experience of the Occupy Denver protestors, but I don’t think I had taken seriously how dysfunctional this movement is. The campaign can not offer one unified goal or plan that they are advocating, yet all members ban together so closely—those sporting peace and yin–yang signs mingle joyfully with those carrying violent words such as, “eat the rich!”

Equally odd is the fact that this extreme, rhetorically violent and vulgar movement is gaining support from established voices in politics. Obama has showed warm feelings to the movement, Nancy Pelosi has conveyed support and, of course, Yoko Ono is a huge fan of these unhappy dissenters.

As off–putting it is to think that the best response to hardship these people can think of is to demand their debts be paid and time filled with unwarranted employment, it is even stranger to think that they, in large part, accept the support of these people; Obama who receives huge donations from Wall St., Pelosi, who carries her $35 million of wealth from her success as an investment banker, and Ono with her $500 million and family of bankers.

The hypocrisy and irrationality that abounds at these gatherings is astounding, and the thought these occupiers are already being vindicated by celebrities, politicians and media is truly maddening. I only hope that those willing to embrace such a menacing movement will not be tethered to the abyss of falseness, envy and blame which seems to be their unifying force.

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  1. DG November 30, 2011 at 6:26 am - Reply

    The occupy movement is a joke….why don't they just go out and get a job like the rest of us. Yeah, we don't like how things are going now with the economy and such, but we have responsibilities that must be met everyday. They need to just stop it …

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