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Show some backbone

(Denver Post, Nov. 27) “Thanksgiving and Christmas 2011, now those were tough times. The House and Senate couldn’t agree on raising taxes. Denver and Aurora couldn’t agree on the Stock Show. “Democrats couldn’t get excited


Supercommittee not so super

The congressional supercommittee did not have to be Superman, leaping over tall buildings in a single bound. The mission was more on the order of being lackadaisical traffic cops. See all those cars going 100


Preserving our blessings

I’m thankful. I’m very thankful. And not just today, Thanksgiving Day, but every day. I grew up in a family with loving parents and siblings. I don’t mean to demean the rest of you, but


2012 events announced by Centennial Institute

Environmentalism, marriage, sharia law, and the Occupy Movement are among the issues on tap for Centennial Institute forums and briefings in the early months of 2012, director John Andrews announced today. The full calendar is


Head On TV: Disgusted with the Occupiers

The Occupy movement is a childish tantrum that is taking on Brownshirt overtones, says John Andrews in the November round of Head On TV debates. Wrong, replies Susan Barnes–Gelt: it’s an authentic protest widely echoing