Soros’ agenda for youth: Globalism yes, America no

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Soros’ agenda for youth: Globalism yes, America no

(CCU Faculty) In 2004 I taught Western Civilization and U.S. Foreign Policy as a Fulbright Scholar in Eastern Europe. My primary duties were at the largest state university in Belarus, as well as at their Institute of International Relations. While there I was contacted by George Soros’ Invisible College. It is one of several Invisible Colleges in European capitals, each funded by the Soros Foundation. It allowed students from both the State University and the Institute of International Relations to take courses and transfer them back to their other schools. Several of my students at the other institutions were at the Invisible College and one of them likely recommended me to them. I had the feeling that the students at the Invisible College were there by special invitation, being groomed for a particular purpose in the field of International Relations.

I was asked to repeat a presentation, which I had given at one of the other colleges, on how Globalization could bring prosperity to their country. My primary metaphor was that the stones in the wall which had divided East from West during the Cold War could be used instead to build bridges between East and West. That this country, which stood at the crossroads between East and West, could benefit by being a center of trade between Russia and the West. I encouraged the students to be more international in their scope and find some way in which they could help raise the standard of living in their country. It was received well by the Invisible College, and I was invited to return.

I was not assigned a topic for my second presentation, but when I suggested the foreign policy of George W. Bush they were interested. Apparently, I agreed with them on the importance of economic globalization, but I was soon to discover that we disagreed on the Global War on Terror. In that second presentation the following week I stressed the importance of America’s role in both Afghanistan and Iraq, that the world needed a police force, and that neither the U.N. nor the E.U. were up to the task. Since tyranny should not be tolerated, and there should be no safe haven for terrorism, America had to remain strong and vigilant in order to insure global peace and stability. At the end of my presentation I was ushered quickly out the door and was never invited back.

Over the past few years I have often reflected on my visits to the Invisible College. At the time I only knew Soros as a wealthy and successful currency trader, but wondered why he was so interested in spending so much of his fortune training young people for the new global economy. I have now become convinced that he has a broad reaching agenda for the world, and that he is training a cadre of young scholars for a specific purpose. What that purpose is, I am not quite sure. That is why I had resisted publishing anything on the topic. However, Glenn Beck has recently focused on George Soros, and has his own ideas on what Soros wants. All I can do is add my own experience to the public discussion.

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