NJ Tea Party hosts Moloney for school reform rally

NJ Tea Party hosts Moloney for school reform rally

“It’s time to take back our system of education from government control,” proclaims the New Jersey Tea Party Caucus in announcing its forum in Jersey City this Sunday, Jan. 22.

Details are here http://www.njteapartycaucus.com/?page_id=115.

We’ll kick off National School Choice Week by asking the “tough questions” about why public education costs so much, performs so poorly, and seems impervious to reform, the website adds.

William J. Moloney, former Colorado Education Commissioner and now a Centennial Institute Fellow, heads the speakers panel for the half–day event. Moloney will outline an agenda for real change, based on his Centennial policy brief, “Much Better Schools on Much Lower Budgets.”

Bob Bowdon, producer of “The Cartel,” a hard-hitting documentary film about teacher unions and the education establishment, will serve as panel moderator.

Other panelists include New Jersey education activists Derrell Bradford, Chris Kniesler, and Dan Hagerty, along with Hillsdale College charter school experts Philip Kilgore and Terrence Moore. Moore is well–known to Coloradans for his past leadership of Ridgeview Classical Schools, an award–winning Fort Collins charter school.

Spend Less, Achieve More Centennial Inst Jan 2012.pdf (340.16 kb)

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