Tea Party mom draws stark contrast with OWS

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Tea Party mom draws stark contrast with OWS

Here’s more from the March 2 debate, “Does the Tea Party or the Occupy Movement Best Represent the Needs and Goals of America?”

Michelle Morin readies her “get in the game” football prop as Tom Tancredo, Daniel Kagan, and Pat Steadman respond to a joking remark by moderator John Andrews

As the exchange began, State Rep. Daniel Kagan (D–Denver) and State Sen. Pat Steadman (D–Denver) disclaimed any direct affiliation with, or endorsement of, OWS but argued for its superiority to the Tea Party.

Tom Tancredo, whose remarks are given in the previous post, had a spirited partner in opposing the Occupy side—Colorado Springs homemaker Michelle Morin.

Morin (rhymes with “begin”) sketched her activist resume, then played the Reagan card. Here’s the outline she spoke from as the debate opened:

I’m Michelle Morin and I’m honored to be here. For those of you who don’t know me, here’s a little about me. Mostly, I’m a blogger. But …

  • I’ve walked precincts,
  • co-founded a successful grassroots group,
  • spoken at every tea party in COS since 2009 plus others across the state,
  • created and maintained an online cause with national reach of over 120,000 to stop ObamaCare,
  • created my own blog Mom4Freedom.com,
  • created and hosted my own Political Power Tools workshops across the state to teach average folks how to advance freedom’s cause using online and other tools, led the volunteer petition effort for 2010’s ballot initiative 62,
  • written for local freedom newspaper the Constitutionalist Today,
  • formed a statewide online discussion forum and coalition providing opportunity for over 100 Colorado freedom activists to network and coordinate efforts,
  • organized a variety of freedom events,
  • awarded the 2010 Vern Bickel grassroots leadership award by the Independence Institute,
  • and named a top 5 Republican influencer in Colorado by Campaigns and Elections magazine.

And that’s really just some of what I’ve done. I think you would call me a triple A personality type who just happens to love America and value my freedom. I really do enjoy talking with folks, I’m thrilled to be here.


The most exceptional nation in world history is at a critical crossroads. The issues that face America today actually cross party lines. But they are not issues which were new to our founding fathers.

Want to start with quote … 1964 Ronald Reagan—“We’re told we must choose between left and right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down. Up to man’s age-old dream—the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order—or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism. Regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would sacrifice freedom for security have embarked on this downward path.”

I’m going to boldly state that the tea party movement is a reflection of the original intents of America’s founding fathers and that the tea party represents the virtues which bring America up.

In contrast, the means of the occupy movement are the very weights which would bring America down to that heap of totalitarianism.


Tea Party—individuals and power of individual
Occupy—masses, 99%—basic focus seems to be upon transferring power from individuals to community

TP—responsibility, self–reliance
Occupy—dependence on community and government

TP—free markets
Occupy—would crush capitalism

Tea Party—arises from a spirited people who have the pride and courage to resist and reject the advance of despotism.
Occupy—stems from an excessive dependence from those who would easily invade the property and civil rights of others. A dependence which feeds individual weakness and governmental strength.

Tea Party—tea party wins when America’s founding principles win
Occupy—occupy wins when america’s founding principles lose

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