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In America’s crisis of values, who will lead?

(‘76 Contributor) Our great nation faces a crisis, as threatening as Pearl Harbor or Southern secession … and more pernicious because self-inflicted: too many in government have made promises that we cannot keep; too many


Who needs a governor anyway?

(Denver Post, Feb. 26) “An empty taxi drove up to 10 Downing Street,” joked Winston Churchill about the man who defeated him for prime minister in 1946, “and out of it stepped Clement Attlee.” Droll,


Koran apology is another symptom of US dhimmitude

We are witnessing the greatest surrender, abject acts of submission to sharia, and the most embarrassing episodes of dhimmitude yet seen in America. I thought things were bad in the United Kingdom and Spain. If


New Jersey’s political pathology: Could it happen here?

(Centennial Fellow) During the campaign for ratification of the U.S. Constitution James Madison, wrote to John Randolph in 1788 extolling the concept of Federalism—saying that “this system allows each state to indulge their own governmental


Legislature shouldn’t treat employers as adversaries

(Centennial Fellow) At a time when state legislators should be doing everything possible to encourage job creation, a bill working its way through the Colorado Senate unfairly paints employers as unreasonable and untrustworthy. Worse still,


Restricting super PAC’s imperils free speech

(Centennial Fellow) Back around 1600, a Scottish physician made so bold as to write that the king of England and Anglican church officials were answerable to a higher power. His phraseology was not kind, and


Obama declares war on people of faith

Republicans will suffer politically from their “overreach on family planning” in response to a minor mistake by HHS, says Susan Barnes-Gelt in the January round of Head On TV debates. Nothing minor here, replies John


Obama’s budget joke

Now that President Barack Obama has treated us to a madcap budgetary joke, it’s time to get serious for the sake of national survival. To be sure, it’s a laugh for him to act like


Economic freedom losing ground in US & globally

(CCU Student) Economic freedom in the USA is unmatched, right? Wrong, according to a policy briefing given today at The Heritage Foundation, which I attended as part of my CCU Washington semester. Ambassador Terry Miller,