Koran apology is another symptom of US dhimmitude

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Koran apology is another symptom of US dhimmitude

We are witnessing the greatest surrender, abject acts of submission to sharia, and the most embarrassing episodes of dhimmitude yet seen in America. I thought things were bad in the United Kingdom and Spain.

If you follow Diana West’s work, you’ve already seen this video, in which General John Allen, the supreme commander of the ISAF forces in Afghanistan, made a statement apologizing to the “noble people of Afghanistan” for the destruction of Islamic religious paraphernalia confiscated from prisoners of war.

The result of Allen’s prostration before the World of Islam is another deadly violent Muslim uprising and attack on a NATO base. At least six are known dead and the U.S. Embassy is in lockdown. Here’s a link to the Reuters story:


As a free civilization, we are walking on ever more fragile eggshells, trying to appease and mollify the World of Islam, whose founder declared eternal merciless war, and scorched earth destruction, against the Dar al Harb (house of war) about thirteen centuries ago. We non-Muslims happen to occupy that Dar al Harb, by the way.

You can’t blame George Bush, or George Washington for that matter, for this war. It began in 622 A.D. And it will go on forever. Our only hope to survive as a Constitutional Republic will be determined next November. Another term in office for the current Commander In Chief, with his pro-sharia sentiments and the dhimmitude of his administration, is going to be catastrophic.

We are tipping at the brink of the cliff. The sharia abyss is below us. Our military leadrship is failing. The FBI has already surrendered to the Muslim Brotherhood (ISNA) by agreeing to destroy anti-terrorism training manuals and records that ISNA says are offensive to Islam. The Department of State and the Pentagon are thoroughly infiltrated with pro-Muslim bureaucrats, who are betraying us.

The only military man with the knowledge and backbone to confront the legal doctrines of Islam head-on, former U.S. Army Reserve Major Stephen Coughlin, was long ago run out of the Pentagon by a Muslim protester, Hasham Islam.

The American people will save themselves only by their votes in November – if there is an election.

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  1. Ed B February 27, 2012 at 5:47 am - Reply

    So, is this article suggesting that not making an apology for deeply offending people's religion would have led to less violence? Nothing justifies the violence, but I don't understand the criticism of the apology.

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