Rubio rocks the house at CPAC

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Rubio rocks the house at CPAC

(CCU Student) In a powerful speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington on Thursday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) did what he does best: he rocked the house.

He extolled the American example. He said “The greatest thing we can do for the world is to be America.” In other words, we need to show the world why America is great, why we are prosperous, and why we are free. The world has seen how great America is and wants to emulate us. Why not show them exactly why? Rubio compelled attendees to vote for those who would do exactly that.

He offered insights into what America can do to make sure that we stay that great, that prosperous, that free—refocusing the federal government on things such as national defense and a simple tax code, not pitting American people against other American people simply to win an election. He called for relief from strangling regulations, saying that regulations cannot exist “simply to justify the existence of an agency.” He called for tax reform that created a simple and fair tax.

He reminded CPAC attendees that this presidential election will come down to a battle between the status quo of failure and a positive “change of direction” towards conservatism. This truly is what this election is about: it is not about who can best beat Obama, it is not about who can raise the most money, and it is not about who can belittle his opponent the most; it is a battle between two conflicting worldviews. Will America continue to choose Obama’s failed policies of destruction? Or will we harken back to Reagan’s “shining city on a hill” and remember that there is hope for America?

Sophomore political science major Erin Shumaker is doing a semester in Washington, DC. She will file periodic reports for ‘76 Blog.

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