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Romney-Santorum rematch looms in Colorado

(Denver Post, Mar. 25) A few days before Rick Santorum upset Mitt Romney in the Colorado caucuses, he made a campaign stop at Colorado Christian University, where I work. As it was ending, several students asked the former senator if he would Tebow with them. The picture with all of them on a knee, heads bowed, is my favorite 2012 political image so far. Rick has got game.

Republican primaries: The long march

Clearly Mitt Romney is the Rodney Dangerfield of American politics. He “gets no respect” – anywhere. A strange consensus has emerged among the Punditocracy of both Left and Right. They even seem to be using the same phrase book. Romney hasn’t “made the sale”, can’t “close the deal”, doesn’t “excite the base”, fails to “connect with orsdinary people”, is “dull, gaffe prone”, and lacks eloquence or humor.

CCU Named a Top Conservative College for 2012

Colorado Christian University has been named one of the Top Conservative Colleges in America in 2012 by Young America’s Foundation. The annual list noted CCU’s commitment to conservative values in a variety of strategic and academic contexts. Academically, CCU’s core curriculum earned accolades, as every student in the university takes a course in western civilization, along with study in either theology or American history.

Home of the free, the brave, the endangered

(Centennial Fellow) From small, initially unnoticed increments can eventually come whopping change, sometimes catastrophic change, change from which there is no return, no going back, no way out. We see this in all sorts of things, in illnesses that are then plagues, in personal habits wrecking lives, and we see it in history, in whole nations gone asunder. My worry here is America. I am scared.

Head On TV: War Drums, Hick Punts, Obama Stumbles

The president rightly rebuked the GOP presidential contenders for “casualness” in regard to a potential war with Iran, says Susan Barnes-Gelt in the March round of Head On TV debates. No, replies John Andrews, Obama merely hopes to distract from his own failed policy on Tehran’s nuclear aspirations. John on the right, Susan on the left, also go at it this month over Hickenlooper’s leadership style, liberal antipathy to the automobile, a tourism tax giveaway, and the presidential race.

Obama rescued GM? Maybe, maybe not

Hoping to find at least one thing Barack Obama did right in his first several years as president, supporters say this lifeguard jumped in the water, swam out to where it’s deep and saved General Motors and Chrysler from drowning. They Don’t mention that another lifeguard got shoved aside, that the victims, while still afloat, are not on shore yet — or that Obama tied anchors to their feet.

Media mediocre so far in campaign 2012

(Centennial Fellow) You’ve got to have an “able, disinterested, public-spirited press” if popular government is to be something more than “a sham and mockery,” Joseph Pulitzer once said. Is there hope? Well, yes, there’s hope, and there are plentiful exceptions to any condemnatory conclusions.