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Defending traditional marriage

(‘76 Contributor) The battle over what constitutes a legally sanctioned and socially accepted marriage is deeply dividing several groups across America. It is primarily a contest between those holding a Judeo-Christian worldview and those adhering


Washington Week Recap

The Washington Monument At the conclusion of the Washington Week trip I am left physically exhausted though intellectually and civically energized!


Why Romney, much as we differ, gets my vote

(Centennial Fellow) Many conservatives (Christian or otherwise), me included, are disappointed that Mitt Romney will be the Republican candidate for President. They lament that a more principled conservative (such as Michele Bachmann, or, to a


Europeanizing America into crisis

(Centennial Fellow) President Barack Obama’s $840 billion stimulus contained more than a million dollars to study erectile dysfunction, and yes, I know, any complaint will be identified as a war on men. That would be


How secularism erodes our material well-being

Economic distress is of pandemic proportions throughout western civilization. Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, and Italy are but a few international examples of countries under great economic distress. The United States, now facing a


Obamacare may go down, Heritage legal expert predicts

Robert Alt, Director, a fellow at the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at the Heritage Foundation spoke about “Obamacare, Congress and What Comes Next” at the 35th Annual Heritage Foundation Resource Bank held in