Washington Week Recap

Washington Week Recap

The Washington Monument

At the conclusion of the Washington Week trip I am left physically exhausted though intellectually and civically energized! Led by Professor Schaller, Dr. Krannawitter, and Dean Saxby, students visited think tanks, memorials, monuments, historical battlefields, renowned authors, museums, both chambers of Congress, the Becket Fund, and other influential D.C. individuals. We learned about foreign policy, education, our founding, the civil war and the ideas that led to the conflict, political persuasion, and many more issues facing our generation.

The Lincoln Monument

This being the last course to complete my B.A. in Political Science at Colorado Christian University, I was familiar with many of these topics. Despite this familiarity, I greatly benefited from the events and discussions of the week, but was thrilled to see the effect this trip had on students previously removed from these political discussions. Kenny Penny, CCU Junior, vowed to be active in the pursuit of self government on campus and become involved with CCU’s struggling Student Government Association; other students look forward to switching their fall course schedules to include more classes with Professor Schaller and Dr. Krannawitter to further unpack these Political ideas; while every student left Washington D.C. with multiple connections and possible intern opportunities for their coming years.

Students gather to hear one of Dr. Krannawitter’s impromptu lectures

I can’t help but sit back and be amazed by the opportunities afforded to the students of Colorado Christian University. Through the influence and passion of President Armstrong, Senator John Andrews, The Centennial Institute, and the faculty students at this tiny Christian university are blessed with opportunities unheard of at more ‘established’ universities. As one of the first three to graduate with a Political Science degree from CCU I am eager to see the influence this university will have as it continues to educate the leaders of tomorrow on the concepts of faith, free enterprise, truth, and family.

Thank you Colorado Christian University, The Centennial Institute, and all those who support the two.

Students learn about environmental realities at the Heritage foundation

Marine Corps War Memorial

Ed Guy, Gettysburg historian, leads students through an unforgettable tour of the three day battle’s events

A sample of the artwork in the capitol during Senator Hank Brown’s comprehensive tour

Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial during the monument tour

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