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Roberts sold out; Obamacare is up to voters now

There is much more to say about this morning’s ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) as a tax, but here’s a quick summary: Chief Justice Roberts, joined by Justices Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, and


Fat Doesn’t Mean Stupid

You need someone to tell you that you’re fat. The tight pants, bulging tummy, and double chin aren’t clues enough according to a government panel that today recommended doctors calculate body mass index for each


Warren fiasco shows dishonesty of racial bean-counting

(Boston) If one can tear oneself away from the alternately hilarious and shameful struggles of Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren to substantiate her elusive Cherokee heritage, there is a related but much more important story


The White House isn’t Obama’s, it’s ours

There he goes again … our self-absorbed, ego-centric, narcissistic President. He plays the blame game better than anyone, taking no responsibility whatsoever for: his monumental deficit spending; his unprecedented national debt excesses; his expensive and


Some thoughts on church and state

(CCU Faculty) State and Church is the question of the hour in this season of life. It is wrong to believe that the concept of the state is pagan in origin and hence alien to


Head On TV: Romney Coming On Strong

Mitt Romney seems more likely to win the White House as economic woes dog Obama, says John Andrews in the June round of Head On TV debates. Maybe; but both candidates must give us something


Capitalism and Christianity are a match made in heaven

The economy is one of the most important environments where Christians interact. It is where they find employment, provision food and shelter, derive savings for the future, create value, serve others, consume goods and services,


Eat illegal food

(Centennial Fellow) I disagree with what you eat but I will defend to death your right to eat it. Okay, maybe I won’t take a bullet for your food preferences. Let’s hope the food police


Will the state become the only church?

(Denver Post, June 3) The Founders wouldn’t believe it. The Colorado Court of Appeals says the governor may not proclaim an official day of prayer because of a clause in the state constitution prohibiting that