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Making sense of the theater massacre

(‘76 Contributor) I’ve been asked to comment on the theater massacre. I think there is just one cause; a crazy shooter with God only knows what, going through his brain. Unfortunately discussions will go far


Who says we’re free?

(Denver Post, July 22) July 4 has seldom been set up more dramatically for Americans to think hard about freedom, than it was with this year’s Supreme Court ruling on health care the week before.


Obama on business: Ignorance or arrogance?

(Centennial Fellow) What’s more frustrating about President Obama – his ignorance of how difficult it is to make a profit in business or his arrogance that there’s so little he doesn’t know? Here’s a man


Liberals’ top ten reasons to dislike Mitt Romney

(From where else, the Internet) With a gracious, statesmanlike aura, he looks like every central casting’s #1 choice for Commander-in-Chief. Too good looking for the job especially since … He’s been married to ONE woman


Exceptional or Entitled: Which America?

(Salem, Massachusetts) Weather allowing, Salem is a fairly short and pleasant sailing trip from Boston to the Bay State’s rocky North Shore. If a visitor has history on his mind, there is virtue in perusing


Incinerating the American West

(‘76 Contributor) As I write these lines, vast wildfires are sweeping through my home state of Colorado and other areas of the American west. Last week, two of my employees had to leave work early


Helping struggling folks on Colfax

Most have jobs but at minimum wage, or take day labor in an economy where their labor is hardly needed. Admittedly, most have made mistakes somewhere along the line: dropping out of high school, becoming


Obamacare ruling: A mess with a message

For anyone who naively thought the Supreme Court would render a clean and tidy decision on ObamaCare, Chief Justice John Roberts’ majority-of-one opinion should be instructive. Rarely does the high court render an opinion that