Making sense of the theater massacre

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Making sense of the theater massacre

(‘76 Contributor) I’ve been asked to comment on the theater massacre. I think there is just one cause; a crazy shooter with God only knows what, going through his brain. Unfortunately discussions will go far and wide from this obvious fact and range from gun control to societal issues. So here are my thoughts.

I think societal issues led up to this massacre. I’m not going to spend much time on gun control other than to say I am firmly for our second amendment, no exceptions. I blame our obsession with political correctness, the destruction of the family and the lack of God in our society.

I read a child’s quote where he asked God, why do you allow all this violence in our schools? God replied, I’m not allowed in schools. Just substitute the public square for schools and you have America in 2012. A godless society is a society without a moral compass.

And then there’s political correctness; you can’t speak the truth…plain and simple. You want some truth? Natalie Holloway would be alive today if her friends were responsible and didn’t allow her to go off with a stranger. The massacre at Columbine probably wouldn’t have happened if Harris and Klebold’s parents had done their job and gone down into their rooms to see what they were doing.

You want more truth? How about we’re going to find out real soon how mentally disturbed the theater shooter was. His mother reportedly said “that sounds like my son” when contacted by police. Could this be another case of parenting decisions gone wrong? Time will only tell how the role of kids’ rights and medical records privacy rules might have changed the outcome.

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  1. Gary Carlile August 22, 2016 at 10:02 pm - Reply

    An article posted on the CCU website and advocated by CCU titled “Gun control not the answer to shooting deaths” By Jay Ambrose (along with other articles) gives the impression that CCU is in favor of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. However, in Section 7 under, “Prohibited Conduct” of the Student Handbook states that it is prohibited, “Possessing or using firearms, incendiary devices, dangerous chemicals, or other dangerous weapons or explosives on University owned or operated property.”

    It is this ignorance that results in most situations that can be prevented. The Aurora theater shooter selected the Aurora theater BECAUSE it was a “gun free zone”. That was because he knew there would be no LAW ABIDING CITIZENS carrying guns and he would meet no resistance. It is the people who carry that protect the “sheep” that don’t and/or restrict the Constitutional right to carry.

    There is nothing like a so called “Christian” organization that operates under a rule of hypocrisy…

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