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Mountain man Ryan aims high

(, Aug. 27) Is America in decline? Do we need to lower our expectations, aspire to lead from behind or not at all, and warn the kids of tougher times to come? Or are America’s


Don’t fall for Mediscare

(Centennial Fellow)The Democrats want to scare the elderly to death about Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposals even though they won’t affect anyone over 54. And here’s what they’re not telling anyone: Their own legislative mishaps include


Woodrow Wilson’s ghost haunts Election 2012

(Nantucket) For years the Fog Island Diner has been a rendezvous for early risers who enjoy sitting around drinking coffee, maybe trying one of Bessie’s famous omelets, and discussing the “Great Questions of the Day”


Head On TV: Unenforceable gun bans solve nothing

Mass killings like the Aurora and the Sikh temple are horrific, but more gun control isn’t the answer, says John Andrews in the August round of Head On TV debates. No, objects Susan Barnes-Gelt, it’s


Reid may regret seeking the spotlight

(Centennial Fellow) After Harry Reid said Mitt Romney went for 10 years without paying taxes, one Republican spokesman called him “a dirty liar,” which was true enough and perfectly apt, but was the tiniest part


Emanuel in shameful company with Putin & Koran

(Centennial Fellow) In Russia, Vladimir Putin’s government is prosecuting three women for a prayer to toss the president out of office. In the Netherlands and Denmark, officials have been putting people on trial for what


What I saw at Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day

You recall that Emanuel Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s pal and the smarmy mayor of Chicago, wants to ban Chick-fil-A from doing business in Chicago because its CEO proclaimed his allegiance to traditional marriage. That’s a massive,