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Obama or Romney? We’ll soon know

Forty days from the presidential election, conservative Republican John Andrews and liberal Democrat Susan Barnes-Gelt went up on Colorado Public Television with another round of Head On mini-debates over the politics of 2012, especially the


The American Dream

What do the words “American Dream” call to mind? A home with a car in the driveway (perhaps another in the garage), a couple of kids and a golden retriever? A job you like, that


Left & right agree for once: Colorado taxed enough already

It’s something new and notable in Colorado politics: An unapologetic liberal and an unwavering conservative agreeing in spite of themselves that tax increases for metro-Denver municipalities and school districts on the November ballot are an


I voted for Michael Dukakis

It was my first election and I was a registered Democrat. As a young, single woman attending college in Boulder, Colorado, no one was surprised that my choice for president was the Governor of Massachusetts,


Sex is no big deal? Don’t you believe it

(CCU Student) One of the touchiest, most tip-toed-around issues today is the choice of abstinence until marriage. As the world becomes more tolerant and even encouraging of promiscuous behavior, many Christians are hard-pressed to remain