‘Central planning’ blazoned across grinning Joe’s forehead

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‘Central planning’ blazoned across grinning Joe’s forehead

(‘76 Contributor) Never before have I realized that a face can be so revealing. In watching the vice-presidential debate, Joe Biden’s face said it all. It smacked of rudeness, disrespect, condescension, impatience, and somewhat juvenile. These are traits of people who believe they are above others, know it all, have all of the answers, and think that theirs is the only way.

The words “central planning” should have been tattooed across his forehead. This is the attitude of the liberal elite who truly believe they know more than the rest of us and will use any means possible to maintain the power to control and regulate every segment of our lives. They simply don’t trust individuals and the collective community to make the right decisions. This inherently eliminates competition and free markets, which have provided the true check-and-balance and have been the foundation for our society for over 200 years.

Freedom of enterprise has been the most efficient and effective way to advance our prosperous society by bringing innovation beyond all comprehension and providing the best goods and services at the lowest prices to the entire population. The corresponding improvement in the overall quality of life for all Americans surpasses anything else in history, while also assisting in the advance of the rest of the world as well. Central planning has been an abysmal failure every place it has been tried because it destroys the importance of the individual.

Yet this is the prevailing mentality of the current administration as so vividly seen with Joe Biden and Barack Obama in their debates. If you have any desire for your children and grandchildren to enjoy the incomparable blessings that our generation, as well as previous ones, have enjoyed, this central-planning ideology needs to be stopped now.

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