(CCU Faculty) This past summer we rented a house along the California coast north of LA. The two things I remember most from our vacation were the shockingly high gas prices and the oil residue we had to scrub off our feet after going into the water. The landlord of our beach house had a can of turpentine and rags by the door to remind us not to track it onto their carpets. There is so much oil along the coast north of LA that it is seeping onto the beaches, but we are not allowed to drill? Why don’t we put that oil in our cars instead of on our feet?

During the past four years the Obama administration has made sure there has been no new drilling on public land. The last time a new oil refinery was built in our country Gerald Ford was president. Drilling and refining that oil would provide jobs, improve the economy, help struggling families make it through the month, stop all those US dollars from going overseas, and even clean up the environment! Imagine what would happen, if Californians got fed up with those high gas prices and decided to vote differently in four weeks?