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Who is the party of big business? Dems, not GOP

Editor’s Note: Looking at the trend of 2012 campaign donations, listening to the 2012 campaign rhetoric, and reviewing the Obama administration’s favoritism to giant corporations, CCU History Prof. Bill Watson asked us to publish again the following post by him that originally appeared on this same blog in January 2010. Word for word, unchanged from what he wrote then, it is still on target as another crucial election day approaches. Please read and heed:

By Bill Watson: We so often hear that the Republicans are the party of the rich, the party of the pampered elite, the party of big business. Why do we unquestioningly accept this falsehood, instead of asking why big business is so cozy with the Democrats?

GE, Microsoft, Comcast and Time-Warner gave overwhelmingly to the Democrats. The big Wall Street banks: Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan Chase, Citigroup, also gave much more to Democrats

[opensecrets.org], as did the big insurance companies (MetLife and AIG). [Congressional Quarterly’s Money Line] Of course all the big unions and George Soros front groups gave huge amounts to the Democrats. Even the University of California gave $3 ½ million to the Democrats, money that should have been used to make up for their budget shortfall, due to the financial problems of the state of California. According to opensecrets.org, the only one of the top 38 donors to political parties who favored Republicans was the National Auto Dealers Assn. Perhaps they saw what would happen to them, if the Democrats had control of our government.

Why do the wealthiest regions in the country vote for the Democrats? The prosperous east and west coasts are the strength of the Democratic Party, the poorer “flyover” regions vote overwhelmingly Republican. If there are states in the middle occasionally voting Democrat, it is those states which are playgrounds for the rich: Colorado with Boulder and Aspen, and New Mexico with Taos and Santa Fe. The wealthiest neighborhoods, Beverly Hills and the Hamptons, go overwhelmingly for the Democrats. The three wealthiest states in per capita income (Maryland, New Jersey and Connecticut) vote regularly for Democrats, while it is usually the poorer states (like Mississippi, Alabama and Oklahoma) that vote Republican.

So where does the Republican Party get their financial support? It comes from millions of regular people like you and me. Not the rich elite, but we who work hard for our incomes and still believe in an honest day’s work.

It is time for us to speak the truth. It is the Democrat Party which is the party of the rich, the party of the elite, and the party of big business. The Republicans represent regular Americans, the middle class, those who still believe in American values of hard work, family, faith and freedom. We are the ones who pay the taxes, so that the government can give away our hard-earned money as special perks to unions, big businesses, and special interests who line up at the trough of government largess.

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