Why elections matter: A worried businessman sums up

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Why elections matter: A worried businessman sums up

(‘76 Contributor) As I mentioned in previous recent essays, I am truly concerned that America’s best days are behind it. The multitude of headwinds that make this unfortunate direction a devastating reality are many-fold. I recap those issues.

** As a blessed and fortunate participant with a company celebrating its 60th year of operation during what was surely the halcyon days of America’s growth, I know first-hand the incentive-destroying impacts of government regulations, the paralyzing effects on capital-flow with the Dodd-Frank legislation, the impending devastating effects of Obamacare, and the overall negative effects of the misguided housing policy, which ultimately caused the world’s financial markets to crater.

** As a participating investor in the energy industry, I know and have observed first-hand that Obama’s words do not match his actions. The underhanded and behind-the-scenes attack on the entire fossil-fuel industry by killing the Keystone Pipeline, the EPA assault on coal and hydraulic fracking, and moratoriums and slow permitting processes in the Gulf and on government properties will all destroy the best opportunity for job creation and economic recovery that this country will ever see. Pay no attention to Obama’s positive words of support in the debates, but observe the actions. Beyond the greatest job-creation engine we will ever see, we will also lose the opportunity for energy independence, balance of trade, and significant national security considerations.

** Simple mathematics dictate that $16 trillion in debt, $.40 of every dollar spent is borrowed (mostly from China), and another $75+ trillion in unfunded liabilities are far beyond any agenda-driven interpretations that say that we might survive. The eventuality and certainty of interest rate increases will dictate that, at some point, we won’t be able to afford to pay our interest. Worse yet, the European crisis and the path we are on is playing out in real-time and in living color with a lack of outrage that is deafening. Without immediate and draconian action, the dye is solidly cast. Few productive dollars will be left in the private system to drive our economy. I recently heard a Congressman say that to claim there will be no tax increases on the middle class may be the greatest financial misrepresentation in the history of our country.

** Beyond this incomprehensible fiscal irresponsibility, add in the failure to demand enhanced education for our youth, a deterioration in our values, further secularization, and continually-diminishing self-reliance that is replaced by the belief that government should take care of us.

** Regarding foreign policy/national defense, the continual pattern of leading from behind, appeasement, and apology for America are the seeds of the disarray occurring throughout the Middle East. The President’s condescending and sarcastic joke during the debate regarding Governor Romney’s lack of understanding about the Navy is an embarrassment. It was very un-Presidential. Unfortunately, it was very typical, and worse yet, it was wrong. Our collective naval protection of the worlds’ waterways is critical for world peace and world trade. The same holds true for air superiority, which has also been compromised. There is a total disregard for the extent of evil in this world and the strategic threats confronting us. I believe there is a lack of sobriety and sense of purpose in confronting these threats. Peace through strength is at the heart of America’s standing in the world, as we are and have been the only power to start and maintain such an important position. A strong U.S. economy yields a strong military, which yields better opportunity for peace in the world.

** Unfortunately, the single largest headwind is the mainstream media that want to play a hand in election outcomes by not reporting news or determining or what is/is not news. The results affect public opinion and do a continual disservice, which is most recently evidenced by the enormous void in reporting on the true facts surrounding the Benghazi tragedy a few critical weeks before the election.

The above is but a partial and incomplete list of these countless swirling headwinds. The greatest indictment is the fact that these are all internal self-inflicted wounds and not aggression from external enemies outside our control. The genius of our founders, with their collective and remarkable vision and wisdom unlike any other nation in the planet’s history, created a society where an individual’s fate would not be determined by family linage, but by freely-chosen pursuit of personal ambitions, leaving individuals free to act and be judged on their merit alone. With the strength of this foundation, all prior generations faced down the myriad of challenges that could have destroyed this great country. I would like to think that, unlike Europe and other parts of the world, America’s DNA to do the right thing at this threshold moment in time will once again surface.

The bottom-line is that, whether it’s the economy or foreign policy, I choose to rely on the instincts and judgment-making capabilities of a man like Mitt Romney, with his 45-year collective and diverse business, political, and civic background, as opposed to a community-organizer with a few years in the Senate voting present over 130 times.

I recognize that there are many who have a single-issue focus that may dictate the direction that they vote. At this critical threshold, I sincerely hope and pray that it is recognized by the majority that a battle on single-issues in the future is meaningless without a free and prosperous America where we may have an open debate. What kind of America do we want to leave for our children and grandchildren?

Unless something of great significance happens in the next few days, this is probably my final communication prior to the election. I sincerely hope that concern for the future of the world and our nation prevail upon you to make the right choice in these next few most critical days in our country’s history.

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