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Americans must take Geert Wilders’ warning seriously

Editor’s Note: Researcher and analyst Bill Coates, writing from western Colorado, responded to the recent Geert Wilders essay in Centennial Review, “Marked for Death Because I Dared to Criticize Islam” (November 2012), with the following


Here’s your Republican rehab kit

(Denver Post, Nov. 25) Show me a sore loser, and I’ll show you a loser. This has rung in my ears since the election, as I listened to some fellow Republicans and conservatives weeping, whining,


Glories of gridlock, perils of second terms

(Head On TV) Divided government continuing into 2014 and beyond may not be all that bad, especially as presidential second terms tend to go awry, says John Andrews in the November round of Head On


Destination: Slippery Slope Land

(CCU Faculty) Election 2012 is over and in the books. I am pretty passionate person when it comes to politics (cf my FB and Twitter posts during the national debates). Last night I sat with


An electorate irrationally devoted to secularism

(Centennial Fellow) Pundits say that Hispanics, single women, young people, and blacks delivered a victory for President Obama’s re-election. However, these are only external differences that do little to explain the internal unity that each


Mystery of the libertarian spoilers

Someone please tell me what is accomplished when Libertarian Party candidates divert enough votes to elect the Democrat and defeat the Republican. . Are we better governed as a result? Do grateful patriots flock to