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A tipping point? Thoughts of a newly elected local official

(‘76 Contributor) Our house, like millions of others, had a very sleepless night on election night. Once the sky started to crack a little light we found ourselves in mourning as we contemplated the gravity of the election results.

It is now perfectly clear that America has made it past the tipping point. Just two short years ago, candidates that espoused and supported the historical American principles of self-reliance, free-markets, Constitutional adherence and limited government were elected in droves.

Not so this time.

In just the last two years, the national mood has made it past the tipping point where those who depend on government have outnumbered those who government depends upon. Since 2009 our nation has added 75 times more folks to the food stamp rolls than we have added jobs. It used to be said that Americans voted with their pocket books and that really hasn’t changed. What has changed is that private business no longer fills the majority of Americans’ pocketbooks – government does. Those who vote for a living now outnumber those who work for a living.

Like a re-showing of a bad movie, those of us who have studied history know where this is all headed and that’s what makes us mourn for the loss of the America that lit the stage of humankind for these past two centuries.

We know that the forces that desire us to be serfs to an all powerful government will grind America down until it is a mere shadow of it’s former self for there are millions who have fallen for the lie of socialism. Dictators and tyrants the world over are rejoicing today as they eagerly pursue their twisted designs without interference from the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Our debt will crush us. Our accepted dependence on someone else to pay for our food, our housing, our babies, our childcare, our college, our healthcare, our business profits and all manner of things we rightly should pay for ourselves is what got us into this mess. In a very short matter of time, the financial zombie we know as the American monetary system will fall over dead. It will have died a death of a thousand cuts. There will be lies spun as to what happened but many of us will know the truth and we will be madder than heck.

Our tyrant in chief will now be unrestrained in his selective enforcement of law, his penchant for class warfare, his love of Islam, his distain for our Judeo-Christian foundation and his outright contempt for our Constitution. Karl Marx and Mao Tse-tung would be proud.

But before he and the ilk that lurk in his shadows fully extinguish America’s light, there is hope. Real hope. Hope that comes from above. For there is always hope so long as there are willing patriots left on the battlefield with breath left in them. The forces of tyranny are not assured of their success, as the forces of freedom are not yet done with the fight. There are yet millions of patriots who, like our original Founders, are willing to pledge “our lives, fortunes and sacred honor” to restore this Nation to it’s rightful and God-given role as the light of all mankind.

Therein lies our task. Do NOT take counsel from your fears. Do NOT despair. Strengthen your resolve to stand for freedom and righteousness. Sacrifice what you have to leave something for generations yet unborn.

On Nov. 6, this humble author succeeded in being elected to his first official position. I take this small step as a simple man with very little spare time or finances and with children in college and some yet at home. I, like hundreds of others throughout this great Nation, have understood the gravity of our National situation and have put what I have on the line and have stepped up to fight.

Take heart. There are yet soldiers on the battlefield and there are reinforcements on the way. Not all need serve on the field in plain sight but all are needed to serve. Patriots, hear the voice of our God calling! Put on your white shirt and face the new America of today with courage. Work with all that you have to restore America to greatness. Be forceful in thought and sure in action and we, like our Founders of yore, will one day be remembered as the generation that, with God’s strong arm, gave something to mankind of incalculable value.

May God yet Bless America!

Ken Klemm of Goodland, Kansas, will soon take office as one of three county commissioners in his home community of Sherman County, KS.

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  1. Richard Bair September 2, 2016 at 12:33 pm - Reply

    Dear Ken,
    I read, with pleasure, your thoughts and of course I believe the same way that you do as well as the group that I meet with every Friday morning called The Charlotte County Curmudgeon Club. We, older guys, get together and have speakers within Charlotte County to become aware of what is going on and in some instances we have made suggestions to our county government, some of which have been accepted. There are 20 members, all of which are conservative Republicans, yet we do not support any candidate for public office. We do hold forums, prior to local primary elections as well as direct elections held in November where we invite both Republicans, Independents and Democrats so that the local people can get educated prior to elections.

    I don’t have much respect for the media but I do go to the local library to read the Wall Street Journal, which I think is about the best written publication in existence. I usually have the Fox Channel on most of the day, on the mute mode, and if I see something interesting then I’ll turn up the volume.

    I did visit your business site today and showed Janie the picture of your home and did not realize that you have so much property. You should feel proud that you have come so far with your business as well as your family and I’m proud to know you.

    Best regards to you and Laurie,

    Richard (Dick) Bair

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