Americans must take Geert Wilders’ warning seriously

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Americans must take Geert Wilders’ warning seriously

Editor’s Note: Researcher and analyst Bill Coates, writing from western Colorado, responded to the recent Geert Wilders essay in Centennial Review, “Marked for Death Because I Dared to Criticize Islam” (November 2012), with the following commentary keyed to Wilders’ warning, “My American friends, make no mistake. Islam is also coming for America.”

First—the President was raised by dedicated Marxists. The first article of faith for Marxists is, ‘There is no God‘. People exist to be manipulated by other people, the purpose in life is to be the manipulator. The Marxist seeks to use any and all institutions of society to subject the society to his will, and eventually to eliminate all competitors for human allegiance—especially God. Dinesh D’Souza is also right about the anti-colonialist rage. Obama wants to lower our lifestyle to second-world levels at best.

Second, the Marxists who have been guiding Progressivism for the last century have a competitor in Islam. So, two forces are at work, and each seeks to use the other in achieving its own goal. Obama thinks he can pay off Islam by buying their oil at inflated prices as the ’jizyah’ unbeliever tax. For this purpose, he halts as much domestic energy production as possible, driving up prices for OPEC and simultaneously weakening the economy for his anti-colonialist bias. The environmentalists’ global-warming paradigm is his tool here, even though now discredited; warming stopped 16 years ago according to latest info. But it is now in the popular psyche, thanks to Al Gore’s video and Bush’s acceptance of the green movement in accepting Arab oil rather than pushing our own drilling in ANWR. He may have been thinking ‘jizyah’ too.

Islam might accept that temporarily, but ultimately demands surrender. Obama seeks to mollify them, his first official phone call being to Turkey, followed by the Cairo speech. But ’The Project’ is in progress, using immigration and pushing Sharia law as per the European model. Government infiltration is far along, with Houma Abedin to influence Hillary and the State Department. Her mother leads the female wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, and apparently gave her special dispensation to marry Anthony Weiner, a progressive non-practicing Jew. Hillary has been working closely with the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) in the U.N., which proposes a treaty on ‘Non-defamation of Religion’ to inhibit speech worldwide that speaks truth about Islam. She is also working on a worldwide gun control effort, so that only governments can use or trade in weapons. So much for our first and second amendments.

The OIC is working toward global dominance through the U.N., and would be happy to impose Agenda 21 on the way to sharia law, but more radical Islamist elements in the Muslim Brotherhood are in more of a hurry. We are entering a dangerous period with our financial situation. A currency collapse, possibly worldwide, could be triggered by China, which may be weighing the relative asset value of our debt vs. the power to be gained by crashing our currency and shutting down our military capabilities. Obama doesn’t like our military strength anyway, and has been trying to discredit our military and intel agencies. Financial strength is expendable to him, too.

This leads to unpleasant prospects for our future. The Rapture probably fits in here somewhere. The time frame is in God’s hands, but the pieces can come together somewhat like this:

Increasing violence in Israel, and the impending fall of Assad and the king of Jordan to Muslim Brotherhood groups, are a prelude to a pan-Islamic attack on Israel as described in Ezekiel 38-39. Much of that text makes more sense in the context of current chemical warfare than Old Testament warfare. Such an attack would probably be accompanied by a terrorist strike in America to prevent our interference. Europe would be hit too, and it would soon read like Revelation 6.

It was admitted several years ago that about 8,000 Middle Eastern infiltrators had crossed our southern border. That was even before Hugo Chavez started teaching them Spanish in Venezuela. Terrorist attacks would provide the crisis (‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’ -Rahm Emanuel) in which Executive Order 13603 would be implemented, effectively establishing a dictatorship. But the attack is likely to be far larger than our government expects, taking out the electrical grid and communication network. Without the internet, we’re back to the 1860’s, the government would be unable to do command-and-control with its new powers, and the citizens would be forced to put away the video games and government ‘money’ and go back to self-protection, self-government, and a barter system. Gardening and home canning will suddenly be very important.

There would be a lot of casualties, but that may be God’s way of restoring human freedom and responsibility. Government will clean itself up starting at the local level, then states, and eventually one much closer to the size and duties of George Washington’s—without the current self-important ruling class and bureaucracies. Have you read ‘The Harbinger’ yet?

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