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A center-right agenda for Colorado

(Denver Post, Dec. 29) Unlike Washington, DC, where divided government will continue in 2013, the new year in Colorado will bring a return of unified control by Democrats. On Jan. 9, Rep. Mark Ferrandino (D-Denver)


Peace on Earth?

The soundtrack of cheery holiday tunes reels on uninterrupted. Hired santas with polyester beards and padded bellies laugh on cue. Shoppers check off their lists and dart off to one of many holiday parties. Timers


How two fathers lost their sons to jihad

Editor’s Note: Army Private Andy Long was gunned down by homegrown jihadist Carlos Bledsoe (who had taken the name Abdulhakim Muhammad after training with Al Qaeda in Yemen) at a Little Rock recruiting station on


To outflank Obama, Boehner should give this speech

(Centennial Fellow)In the aftermath of every Republican Presidential defeat in the last half century the Democrats aided and abetted by the “mainstream” media have declared the GOP to be dead, on the “wrong side of


Between a fiscal cliff and a hard place

(Centennial Fellow) In the course of perusing the “fiscal cliff” rhetoric dominating the political world recently, I came across a story about deliberations over the Times magazine “Person of the Year.” While meditating on the


The truth about playing the ‘liar’ card

(‘76 Contributor) Believing a free press to be a vital safeguard of liberty, Thomas Jefferson said, “Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.” Many believe the inverse of Jefferson’s


Abortion is moral relativism at its most lethal: Part 2

(Centennial Fellow) Editor’s Note: The present article is continued from Brad Hughes’ post immediately preceding this one. The demography of abortion highly correlates with the Democratic party. The majority of the women obtaining abortions are


Abortion is moral relativism at its most lethal: Part 1

(Centennial Fellow) Abortion is the most widely practiced elimination of humans in the world today. Secularists believe that terminating pregnancies can improve the quality of life for the living. Some Christians believe that abortion is