Colorado legislators address hot issues of 2013

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Colorado legislators address hot issues of 2013

(CCU Student) On Monday night three Colorado legislators came to the Centennial Institute in Lakewood and discussed hot issues of 2013 that will arise in the legislative session this year. Guns, gay marriage, and health care heated up much of the discussion as Rep. Claire Levy, D –Boulder, House minority leader Mark Waller, R –Colorado Springs, and Senate minority leader Bill Cadman, R –Colorado Springs, conversed upon the implications of each.

Rep. Levy spoke favorably of the impact she believes the civil unions bill will make in terms to inclusiveness and the importance of not dividing people based on their sexual orientation.

Rep. Waller addressed this issue from the opposing side, but only briefly—acknowledging the newly-elected Democratic majority will pass the bill. Waller focused instead on what he called the session’s biggest, a proposal that will introduce 160,000 new recipients to Medicaid.

Sen. Cadman then took up Colorado’s most heated controversy, gun control – arguing that the states with the most stringent gun laws have the highest rate of violent crime and Colorado should avoid this kind of legislation.

However, the three did agree on one point: no one piece of legislation will solve our problems, and bipartisanship and citizen involvement are the best way to get things done.

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