Reasons for hope amid America’s travails

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Reasons for hope amid America’s travails

As we recently concluded the spring semester’s first week of classes here at CCU, it dawned on me that in all of my Political Science classes we were, in some respect or another, talking about the troubles of our country and the decline of our government and culture.

We have exceeded $16 trillion in debt, our education numbers are severely lacking across the board internationally, and millions of gun owners’ Second Amendment rights are increasingly being infringed upon.

Not only do we have these mounting problems, but the younger generation seems to want to live a politically apathetic life where they believe the government will give them everything they want for nothing in return.

So with all the negative realities I just mentioned, I can see how it would be easy for one to become severely depressed and tremble every morning in fear of what freedoms the government may have trampled over in the wee hours of the night.

I am here to personally reassure you that, although the moral foundation of our country seems to be eroding beneath our feet, there are many young Americans like myself who have strong conservative principles and believe that this country will make it to the 300-year anniversary, and beyond.

Thanks to John Andrews’ and President Bill Armstrong’s recommendation, this past summer I was blessed to intern in Washington D.C. at the Heritage Foundation in President Ed Feulner’s office. To say it was an unbelievable experience would surely be an understatement.

Shortly after my return to Denver from Washington, I ventured to Tampa Bay, Florida for the Republican National Convention along with classmate and co-worker Erin Shumaker. As official RNC pages from Colorado, we were on the floor performing a variety of tasks the entire time. Again, unbelievable would be an understatement.

These experiences are just a snapshot of the many opportunities I’ve been blessed to have while studying here at CCU. With mentoring by faculty and administrators, I have met and worked for prominent political and business professionals. The Lord has placed my peers and me in outstanding classes with spectacular professors and real-world lessons that we can confidently take into the public square and defend.

So, be not troubled by what news the headlines bring, I have met many other strong young conservatives at Heritage, the Republican National Convention and CCU who have not lost this great Nation’s spirit, but instead look to carry it on with vigor and passion.

Jonathan Finer is a CCU senior from Denver, Colorado. He has a major in business, a minor in political science, works in the Centennial Institute office, and runs varsity cross-country.

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