Reagan’s relevance for my generation

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Reagan’s relevance for my generation

(CCU Student) On Feb. 18, Presidents’ Day, the Centennial Institute gave a fascinating presentation on the presidency of our 40th president Ronald Reagan. Special guest speakers included Donald Hodel, former U.S. Secretary of Energy and Secretary of the Interior, and David Crouse, producer of the recently released documentary “The Reagan Presidency”.

Donald Hodel spoke on his encounters with the famed President and his impressions of who Reagan really was. He saw that Reagan was a great man because of his abiding faith in God, his fundamental commitment to human freedom everywhere in the world, and his intense love for his country; and to further his recognition, he spoke of how Reagan was not in the mercy of his advisors when it came to economics like most Presidents are.

David Crouse spoke after Hodel and showed tidbits of his new three-hour PBS documentary on the presidency of Reagan, which both captured and moved the audience present. Crouse, speaking as an objective filmmaker, said his documentary was not a tribute film and there are those included who were in opposition to the Reagan administration. His hope for this film is that it becomes an educational piece for the generation that was not alive or was very small when Reagan took office.

Coming from that generation who did not experience the Reagan legacy, I found it intriguing as I watched the film how much I missed in learning about the presidency of Reagan. Personally, I knew nothing of why Reagan was great, only knowing he was our 40th president and a hero to the conservative party, but why? Not because he called himself a conservative, but because he was a defender of true liberty, not just the liberty for Americans, but also for people around the globe.

True liberty can only be found if the chains of government are loosed and if the law concerns itself only in facilitating freedom and not action. The presidents I grew up with were mainly concerned with fairness and appealing to the masses. I want a president that is concerned with liberty and truth as Reagan exemplified in his term as president.

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