Ethicist: World doesn’t need more Americans

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Ethicist: World doesn’t need more Americans

“The last thing the world needs is more Americans,” asserted population-control advocate and global-warming worrier Phillip Cafaro in an Issue Monday debate at CCU on May 13.

“No, the best thing the world could have is more Americans,” rejoined his opponent, energy expert and space scientist Robert Zubrin.

The exchange went hot (with heavy CO2 emissions from both debaters) and heavy from there for 90 minutes.

The formal proposition was, “Resolved: To help slow global climate change, the U.S. should reduce immigration levels and stabilize our population, as part of efforts to cut back sharply on greenhouse gas emissions.”

A video clip from the debate is here.

Cafaro, a professor of philosophy and environmental ethics at Colorado State University, used the following slides

[to come]

and spoke from a prepared text as follows issue monday cafaro talk 051313.docx (150.58 kb)

Zubrin, founder of Pioneer Astronautics and the author of Merchants of Despair and Energy Victory, among other books, used the following slides: issue monday zubrin ppt 051313.ppt (13.40mb)

After the debate, Phillip Cafaro (2nd from left) and Robert Zubrin (right) posed with the latter’s daughter Rachel (left) and CCU student Kellie Klaus to illustrate one thing they agree on: Policymakers must consider not only the next election but the next generation.

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