Charles Murray: America is in need of a cultural reformation

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Charles Murray: America is in need of a cultural reformation

Charles Murray, with the American Enterprise Institute, told members of the fourth annual Western Conservative Summit that America is slipping into a state of European Social Class structure. This has less to do with politics according to Murray, and more to do with a deterioration of American’s humility.

Murray explained to the crowd that America is slowly becoming divided, not just on class and socioeconomic status, but along a myriad of societal lines. The 13 contiguous zip codes that surround Washington DC, for example, are home some of the wealthiest people in America. Murray’s broader point was that Americans are beginning to isolate themselves within their classes, and detach themselves from the greater American experiment.

Some of the reasons? “To what extent are

[parents] intentionally sheltering their children from experiencing what made you who you are?” Murray said that in the past, a “central part of the American experiment” has been experiencing middle class life.

“Often CEOs would refrain from buying that Cadillac, because they felt it would be too ostentatious.” Murray explained that such humility is increasingly slipping away.

“There is no political solution to these problems.” There is going to have to be “a cultural reformation.”

Murray was open, and candid about the fact that he doesn’t have any concrete solutions. “I’m a Libertarian,” he said while laughing, “we don’t solve problems.”  Murray’s major concern is that, without some sort of cultural awakening in America, the States will slide into a sort of European Social Class Structure.

“In Europe,” Murray explained, “French upper-middle class citizens connect more with German upper-middle class citizens,” than with their own countrymen of lesser classes.

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