Dick Morris Learns a Lesson at WCS

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Dick Morris Learns a Lesson at WCS

During the Western Conservative Summit of 2012, *** Morris made a prediction: “I will return when Mitt Romney is President.” Well, Mitt Romney may have lost the election, but *** Morris returned to address the crowds of 2013’s WCS.

Morris began his remarks with a list of lessons Republicans should learn from the 2012 election, saying his primary lesson learned was “don’t make predictions.” His opening comments were a mix of humor, and Republican introspection. At one point he faulted the Romney campaign for leaving so many negative ads unanswered in 2012. “Always, always, always, always answer,” Morris explained, “Never sleep under the roof of an unanswered negative ad.”

The topic of immigration was a quick follow up topic as Morris pivoted toward issues of importance moving forward. Morris suggested the only way Republicans can save themselves from the growing Latino population is to pass “some form” of immigration reform.

“Latino voters,” Morris said, “are naturally conservative voters. They will be Republicans sooner, rather than later.” Such an observation, Morris concedes, is contingent upon tighter border security and various other necessary amendments to the current immigration proposals.

“We need to let the consequences of Obama’s policies, happen.” Morris suggested as he started to discuss the broader issue of defeating the Democrat party. “We need to allow the consequences of liberal ideas to happen.” Morris continued to explain that the ramifications of initiatives such as Obamacare will be a tremendous demonstration of liberal failure. “We would disservice ourselves” Morris said, if we ‘fix’ the painful aspects of Obamacare.

Morris then touched on economic matters, saying a global crash of some-sort will be upon us sooner than most people think. “It may be only a matter of weeks” until some sort of a major economic collapse, according to Morris. He discussed the Quantitative Easing program of the Federal Reserve, and its inflationary effect on asset markets. “It

[The Federal Reserve Bond Buying program] is a lot like foreign aid,” Morris said. “We give all this money to countries, to help the people, and it ends up in the Swiss bank account of some dictator.”

The strongest applause during Morris’ speech erupted when he said the NSA spying is “Nothing short of government laying the foundation for totalitarianism in the USA.” Morris explained that a fascist regime, for example, could help eliminate crime throughout the nation – but would be unacceptable to the American people. “We do not need to sacrifice our liberties to stop terrorism,” Morris repeated.

Morris made his final point in simplistic terms. “We are right.” Morris said that Conservatives and Republicans understand they have workable solutions. He said Republican initiatives work, and are proven. And as a result, according to Morris, conservative initiatives will prevail.

As he closed his speech, Morris took a more personal tone when he paid tribute to Senator Bill Armstrong, President of Colorado Christian University. Morris wrapped up his time on stage with a thank you to Armstrong, saying, “Bill introduced me to my friend, my companion and my mentor. . . Jesus Christ.”


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