Ted Cruz, while addressing the Western Conservative Summit, vowed to defund Obamacare this fall. Cruz explained to the room full of Summit Attendees that this year a continuing resolution, designed to fund the Federal government, is expiring.

“And I promise,” Cruz explained, “I will not vote for a single continuing resolution that funds Obamacare.” If no further continuing resolutions are approved by enough members of both the House and the Senate, the government will be faced with the prospect of a government shutdown.

While Cruz acknowledged that the narrative in Washington DC would initially be unfavorable to Republicans, he suggested that the tables can easily be turned on President Obama and the Democrats. “They will say, Republicans are shutting down the government,” Cruz explained, “but what we need to ask, is Mr. President, why are you willing to shutdown the government in order to fund Obamacare?”

Cruz went on to encourage members attending the Western Conservative Summit to visit dontfundit.com, a website designed to encourage members of congress to follow Cruz’s example.

“Because, right now, we don’t have the votes,” Cruz said. He expressed optimism, however, that the resolution battle could effectively kill the President’s signature piece of legislation.