Sen. Ted Cruz: Conscience of a Constitutional Conservative

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Sen. Ted Cruz: Conscience of a Constitutional Conservative

Though Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz received a rockstar welcome, the rising GOP star heaped praise on the attendees on the second day of the Western Conservative Summit. “I am humbled,” Cruz said, by all those “who are standing up to take the country back.” And while Cruz admired the devotion of those fighting for freedom at Saturday’s luncheon, he couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take a jab at one of the current administration’s biggest scandals.

“Tomorrow, each of you is going to be audited by the IRS,” joked Cruz.

Cruz cited the filibuster of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) over the issue of drones through a marathon, 13 hour session joined by the Texas Senator and many other Senate and House colleagues. But not all of them were sure the move would prove successful.

“Many of my colleagues viewed what he was doing as strange, curious, if not quixotic,” Cruz said.

Americans became engaged instantly, Cruz said, and public opinion on the issue moved drastically against the use of drones in most cases.

“The American people became fixated by C-SPAN,” Cruz said, but also quipped, “a phrase that does not occur naturally in the English language.”

The impact of social media on driving the popular sentiment against the use of drones also impacted those on the Senate floor.

“You saw one Senator after another start coming to the floor. Their staff were running in, saying, ‘the Tweety thing says you gotta go out there!'” Cruz said.

Cruz argued that maintaining basic rights and increasing opportunities should be the first priorities, strongly advocating for 2nd Amendment protections and championing growth at the state and federal levels.

“In my view, prosperity and growth should be the top priority of every elected official, Republican or Democrat,” Cruz said. The Texas Republican stated that reining in out of control spending and reducing the national debt can not be pushed off onto succeeding generations.

The second leg of reform, Cruz said, would be in abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and paid particular attention to recent actions by the agency in targeting individual citizens and patriotic and Tea Party groups.

“The United States government has no business whatsoever asking any American the content of our prayers,” Cruz declared to a standing ovation.

Fundamental regulatory reform, Cruz said, was necessary to “unleash” the American dream and allow entrepreneurs to provide the opportunity and growth necessary for the country’s recovery. Cruz compared the effects of regulatory burdens to that of locusts.

Cruz has emerged as a leader in the pushback against Obamacare, joining several Senate colleagues like Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Sen. Paul in a push to defund the Affordable Care Act by not voting for the Continuing Resolution in September. Cruz suggested attendees sign the petition at

Late last week, Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn called the effort “intellectually dishonest,” saying that it would not only hurt Republicans, but would be something “impossible for us to achieve.”

Cruz recounted his father’s emigration from Cuba in 1957, and the prosperity afforded his family by the free market system.

“We need to be championing the people climbing the economic ladder because the greatest engine for prosperity and opportunity the country has ever seen is the free market system in the United States of America,” Cruz said.

Cruz cemented the imperative for communicating the country’s freedoms.

“If we lose our freedom here, where do we go?” Cruz asked, echoing his own father’s journey from oppression to freedom six decades earlier.

“We will not let go of this mighty nation,” Cruz concluded.

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