Wyoming state Rep. Lynn Hutchings spoke on stage at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver on July 27, 2013, prior to former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. Here were her prepared remarks…

Thank you Mr. Andrews for this opportunity.

I am Lynn Hutchings a Representative in the Wyoming State Legislature.

I am a Follower of Christ, Conservative and a Republican.

Surprisingly there are more people here than in my House District.

The theme I see flowing through this conference is Remember, Return and Restore.

I would like to encourage the young conservatives by saying, the biblical worldview and conservative principles we are trying to resurrect and pass on to you are Great, Tried and True!

These ideas can compete in the market place of ideas. Remember, it was these very principles that made our nation great in the first place.

Immerse yourself in them, know them, and be ready to give a bold answer for what you believe to all who ask. They will provide a strong and firm foundation that you can build on to help restore America to the greatness God intended when we are gone.

For us as older conservatives, we must walk the talk and continue to encourage and mentor our young people to do the same.