The real tragedy of the commons

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The real tragedy of the commons

Hint: It’s still the liberal progressive communitarian apocalypse.

Knowing this, it’s obviously not a pleasant time to be watching government and political economy, or the people in it. Even the people (professional, knowledge/service, and design/engineering workers) who experience the hardest ontological rigors of a scarcity-based economy—those who should be working the hardest to develop and preserve the differentiation of their skills and achievements, for the (capital and personal) market rewards that it earns—seem to think that today’s government (or its post-Constitutional, more streamlined successor), is in a position to absorb both surpluses of success and deficits of failure.

Get with the program: America is fundamentally transforming into a place where, in stark contrast to just about every other corporate body in history, failure will be subsidized out of existence in zero-sum balance to the regime over success so that everyone can realize their dreams at an acceptable standard of individual living. (What?) Productivity and value creation will continue without moral hazard or adverse selection by any of the complexly bounded rationalists that *ahem* comprise the public, nor abuse by the influence-literate bureaucracy. This oligarchy system will be instituted from the top down with minimal resistance, without creating any deadly technical faults in the system. This cabal system will brook no fiscal or monetary inaccuracy, friction, or pressure against a community nonetheless trying to survive optimize its returns against the byzantine regulations, and by no means will there be an eventual macroeconomic catastrophe.

That could be. Or maybe it’s just that the recurring nightmares are getting more vivid.

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