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Think Again: Inequality and a tale of two Ukrainians

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Last week, as Ukrainian emigre- turned-tech tycoon Jan Koum prepared to cash a multibillion-dollar check from Facebook — acquirer of his startup “WhatsApp” — Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich was checking out of his Gatsby-esque estate where he’d cached his stolen plunder. […]

Income inequality and economic mobility: the rest of the story

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(Denver) In a major speech last December President Obama stated that “a dangerous and growing inequality and lack of upward mobility is the defining challenge of our time”. It is a theme to which he has frequently returned most notably in his State of the Union Address. […]

Memo to Cuomo: Exiling us only penalizes you

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(’76 Contributor) In an interview on a local radio station a few weeks ago, Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic governor of the state of New York, bluntly announced that “extreme conservatives” were no longer welcome in the state. […]

Indifference to history equivocating Soviet evil

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My first exposure to the soul-crushing realities of communism came from Yvonne. Yvonne was the woman who came in to clean the offices at the aircraft hangar in Calgary where my father worked and where as a young lad in the early 1980s I would on occasion accompany him. […]

Zombies, the Apocalypse, and the decline of the republic

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Apocalypticism has exploded in popularity and, while nuclear war and pandemics have always been a starting point, the concept of the Zombie Apocalypse trumps them all. The appeal and wild popularity of shows like The Walking Dead, movies like World War Z, and the slew of apocalyptic, gloom and doom series and specials on cable television continues to grow by leaps and bounds. But the reasons behind such interest are often subconscious at times and not fully understood. […]

Breakin’ the law: Obama’s immigration reform decoy

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A growing majority of Americans understands lies and deceit were the basis for Obamacare. That’s why Washington, D.C., Democrats are suddenly pushing immigration reform. President Obama declares “it’s time” for Republicans to help “get it done” by granting legal status to undocumented immigrants, allowing them to fulfill their dreams. If Republicans fall for this diversionary ploy, they won’t be just ignoring public sentiment regarding amnesty; they’ll be enabling an increasingly lawless president. […]

Thinking deeper: What is law anyway?

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(Centennial Fellow) A recent decision by Summit County to cite eminent domain in their effort to seize Andy and Ceil Barrie’s 10 acre parcel and dream home in Breckinridge so that the county can preserve open space […]

Conservative principles and the common man

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The raging, twenty-four-seven political debates that virtually consume social media, many news sites, and entire cable stations is mostly filled with cheap shots, one-liners, bumper sticker slogans, and the same tired, half-truth arguments. […]

Think Again: Women: Looking for love in all the wrong places?

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“Life’s greatest happiness,” Victor Hugo wrote, “is to be convinced we are loved.” As most experienced couples know, love-induced happiness is a year-round triumph, not the outcome of a singular, mass-marketed Valentine’s celebration — the one Jay Leno calls “Extortion Day.” […]

My students’ U-turn on sharing the wealth

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(’76 Contributor) As part of my research into the intellectual proximity of Ayn Rand’s objectivism and social conservatism, I have spent stimulating time […]