A brighter tomorrow

A brighter tomorrow

Warren Smith, Associate Publisher at World Magazine, and Nick Adams, author, media commentator, motivational speaker, and Australian politician, joined rising conservative stars Charlie Kirk, 21, and Ashley Pratte, 25, on Sunday morning to discuss the role of the Millennial Generation in the conservative movement.

Kirk is the founder and executive director of Turning Point USA, and Ashley Pratte serves as the spokeswoman for the Young America’s Foundation.

The panel of four brought young energy surging into the 2014 WCS as they inspired attendees to move the Millennial Generation forward.

“Tomorrow is brighter because of young people,” said Kirk.

Warren Smith reminded those at the Summit of the importance of bringing the generations together. “Don’t lecture; listen and lead!” he said to the older crowd. “The worldview of Millennials is still being formed.”

To the young people, Ashley Pratte passionately urged, “We are not a lost generation!’

Nick Adams left vibrant inspiration, saying that America does not have to be in decline: “It’s a choice, not a condition….America must remain the rainbow in our clouds.”


The generational spectrum spoke out at the 2014 Summit in reaction to the Millennial Panel:

Ivy El-Zaatari, UCCS College Republican Chair, 19: “My favorite part was to hear [Ashley Pratte] speak about the war on women because I was born in Lebanon, so I know what it’s like to be in a place with a war on women….To hear people who actually agree with me, who are my age….it restores so much faith and so much passion. It lights a fire I think in all of us and really gets us excited about the coming year.”

Jody Dertina, 61: “I have tons of grandkids. I’m excited for them. I’m also afraid for them, but listening to this panel, they were amazing….We need to engage the culture a little differently. I don’t consider myself arrogant or self-righteous, but I do know that we have to listen more and understand more.”

Leah Setzer, 16: “I loved it! [The panel] was one of my favorites of the entire weekend. We are the next generation….Freedom is a fight for every generation. It is not passed through the blood stream.”

Jeannie Wybenga, 66: I thought it was fabulous. I wish my kids could be here….I definitely enjoyed Ashley Pratte when she talked about the war on women….The liberals think women vote with their female parts, and the conservatives know that we vote with our brains. I am just so encouraged to see young people taking on the conservative cause and the conservative voice because we’re being led to believe that we’ve lost the younger generation. I don’t believe that at all. I think we’re starting to see a turn-around and kids waking up to see that the liberals have been lying to them all along. “

Bob Edmiston, older generation: “The panel was extremely hopeful. Everybody was very well spoken, very intelligent, and very well aware of the issues. For somebody who’s been doing this for a long time, it’s extremely heartening to see that.”

Chad Gardner, 15: “My primary take away was that they are speaking the truth….We will take the initiative, and we will lead this country back to the path that Ronald Reagan had it going on….They were just speaking the truth right on.”

Garrett Chapman, 14: “I thought what they said today was really good….I think it was really good how they talked about if they’re going to the left or the right. They gave Millennials a lot to chew about today.”

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