A mingle with Millennials

A mingle with Millennials

Like a 90s era, brick-sized cell-phone, much of the world sees conservatives as a worn out species with worn out ideas, completely incapable of connecting with the tech-savvy youth of the 21st Century. However, many at the 2014 Western Conservative Summit would beg to differ.

Conservatives are often denounced for being out of touch with today’s youth, but many at the 2014 Western Conservative Summit would argue differently. After the end of the opening session, college students and graduates, young men and women setting out to make their own mark upon the world, gathered at the Magnolia Ballroom just a few blocks away for the Youth Wave Party. With speeches from Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal, Utah Senator Mike Lee, and popular neurosurgeon Ben Carson, they were bursting with plenty to discuss and show no qualms about doing so. The room was buzzing with conversation and people eager to associate with like-minded individuals.

Bolstered by Colorado Christian University’s Young Conservatives Leadership Conference, the conference has been well-attended by millennials. Case and point can be seen in the Summit’s early social media success. Throughout the three Friday night speakers, #WCS14 began trending nationally on Twitter, a popular watering hole with any younger members of society.

Sean Berhoeff points to the strong feelings of fellowship pervasive in the Summit for part of the success, stating that “it’s like a great family reunion here.”

Meanwhile, Alvaro Day, currently working on his MBA in Management and Finance at the University of Denver, shares his excitement over the evening. “The level of energy that has actually shown here is amazing. It only makes us more enthused.”

His third year attending the Summit, Day adds that he has always loved it and will continue to attend.

Both Aubrey Blankenship and Annie McNeil praise Dr. Ben Carson’s speech in particular and admire his common sense solutions to problems that continue to plague the US. Blankenship, a Virginian from the American Majority non-profit organization said “I wasn’t sure what to expect since I’m from the East Coast,” but also added that she could “feel the energy, especially in the main session.

Whereas McNeil, a 23 year old elementary education major loved how “Dr. Carson performed a clinical examination of our situation, as if it was a sickness.” His solution to the muddled mess of US healthcare, Health Savings Accounts, was particularly impressive to her.

“He had such a practical way of addressing each problem.”

American millennials, born under a government debt greater than any other generation before them, have little patience left for the bureaucracy and red tape that comprises much of the government today. So, it is no surprise the common-sense solutions of Dr. Carson garnered such praise and excitement from many at the Youth Wave Party Friday evening.

This is only the beginning.

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