British politician Daniel Hannan: the anglosphere century

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British politician Daniel Hannan: the anglosphere century

“A straight line runs from Runnymede to Philadelphia.” -Hatton Sumners

This blood-connection between the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence has disappeared from the public eye over the years, but British politician and author Daniel Hannan believes that the underlying link between the two is undeniable and unbreakable.

The Magna Carta, “that old, bit of paper,” still stands as the “shared patron of all people who speak the English-language.”

Hannan, highlighting the importance of this anglosphere achievement , notes that the Great Charter “bound the mightiest monarch as surely as it bound the meanest subject.” Only by revering the law rather than raw power can civilization develop the regular elections, habeas corpus, free markets, and equality of opportunity that many Americans continue to take for granted.

He said that even as late as August 1940, “constitutional freedom was confined to the Anglosphere.” The Allied victory ushered in a period of prosperity and happiness never before seen. All past great civilizations from the Romans, Greeks, and Persians to the Han dynasty and the Umayyad caliphate succeeded because they prized power over law.

“Think of the sovereignty you have inherited,” said Hannan. “That inheritance carries with it a duty to preserve your freedoms and the system of constitutional government in the United States.”

Even from across the sea, it is evident to British politician Daniel Hannan that America is dangerously close to failing our Founders.

“You can’t go on like this. There’s something wrong with a British politician having to come to the United States to tell you to get a hold of your own debt.”

He explains that liberals spend so much energy parading their compassion for other causes around the globe, when the most important thing Americans can do for the world is get on top of our debt because “if you fail, constitutional government fails with you.”

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