Carson: practical and passionate at #WCS14

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Carson: practical and passionate at #WCS14

Dr. Ben Carson may have separated twins conjoined at the head, but at the 2014 Western Conservative Summit he joined American patriots at the heart.

A characteristically practical and inspirational speech from Dr. Carson ended Friday night’s opening session and left audience members chanting “Run, Ben, Run!” as they were empowered with specific strategies for saving America’s future.

“Our country is in critical condition right now,” said Carson. “All of us together have to look at the big picture. We are trying to save the nation.”

“We need everybody in this country,” said the neurosurgeon. “The power lies with ‘we the people.’ After the primaries are over, if your candidate didn’t win, you still need to vote.”

His approach to unity is humble and edifying, like the man himself, but his guidance stretched further to provide advice on bringing patriotism into practice. That begins with an unflinching commitment to the values of our founders.

“I don’t like the word compromise when it applies to principles,” said Carson.

A firm grounding on principles for Dr. Carson starts at protecting American’s most basic rights by reestablishing the rule of the Constitution and Bill of Rights rather than the rule of special interests.

Carson believes knowledge of the past provides vision for the future as patriots seek to preserve their rights. From Stalin’s Soviet Union to Hitler’s Nazi Germany, history has proven that dictators seize power only through disarming their citizens.

“I feel the 2nd Amendment is vitally important,” said Carson, noting that this fundamental right must be sustained without allowing weapons to fall into the hands of the mentally ill.

Protection must also extend to our borders by following the system established and removing incentives for immigrants to enter illegally. “We have the ability to secure the border,” Carson said. “We just don’t have the will.”

The doctor also addressed the healthcare challenges facing the country by prescribing a simple yet empowering solution: familial reserves built up in Healthcare Saving Accounts. Compared to the unwieldy bureaucracy of the current healthcare system which repeatedly separates patients from family doctors and prevents proper care, Carson’s solution puts power back into the hands of the people.

“It will make the consumer the person who is in charge,” said Carson.

Bringing practical solution after practical solution to issues such as fiscal irresponsibility, the debt ceiling, overreaching government influence, natural energy, and poverty, Carson continually reiterated the importance of unity in the upcoming elections.

“Our nation is waking up very, very rapidly,” said the doctor. “I predict in November there is going to be a sea change. That has to be only the beginning. We have to go on and win in 2016.”

“We have to become responsible voters; we cannot allow ourselves to become divided,” said Carson. “We have to use that collective strength to take back America.”

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