Counting down to the Summit

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Counting down to the Summit

With less than 48 hours until the Western Conservative Summit begins, many are already gearing up for an inspirational and educational weekend. Calendars have been cleared out in anticipation of great political leaders and commentators of the conservative movement such as Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin. While making the trek all the way downtown can seem daunting for some, it is only the final stepping stone for the millennials attending the Young Conservatives Leadership Conference this past week. Led by national radio host and author, Hugh Hewitt, these young people have spent the last week delving ever deeper into the pressing issues of the day and the problems that continue to plague our nation.

And now it is nearly our turn.

Soon, we shall all take part in a unique gathering of men and women both young and old who share the same keen desire for freedom, faith, and family. Every single one has put aside time to attend this summit and we could not be more grateful.

Reflecting on his own passions, Catullus once wrote:

“Leisure does not agree with you. At leisure you’re restless, too excitable. Leisure in the past has ruined rulers and prosperous cities.”

A poet of the Late Roman Republic and contemporary of Caesar, Catullus personally witnessed the rapid decay of his country. We know all too well that some parts of our own nation have grown complacent, content to let government restrict more and more freedom.

So as we gather together for this year’s Western Conservative Summit, use this chance to renew your passions. Take comfort in the multitude of others who share your values and gather strength to persevere from the wise words of our speakers.

Like Catullus, leisure does not agree with you either.

We will see you on Friday.

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