Thank you. Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I beg your indulgence for next couple of minutes. I’d like you to close your eyes, imagine what I am about to say.

North Korea has invaded South Korea. Indonesian paratroopers have landed on Australian soil. Taiwan has been overrun by China. The Russian-Soviet Empire has been re-created. Tyrants in Africa run around more mercilessly than even now. Terrorists terrorize with impunity. War, maybe nuclear, has engulfed the Middle East and Israel stands to be destroyed. In democracy terms, Latin America is back to square one. Cataclysmic natural disasters have no leadership response. Liberty is extinguished, with terror, tyranny and torture reigning.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the world that will exist without America. This is the world that will exist if America is weak and unable to lead.

This depiction may be dramatic, but it is not fanciful, nor impossible. These are not projections I scribbled down on the back of a coaster after a couple of drinks. These are as real and credible, as they are sobering. In fact, every day, these awful predictions inch closer to reality.

They can’t be ignored. No more than America, at her best, can be ignored.

And so to paraphrase former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton: “At this point, what difference does it make?” America makes all the difference in the world. It’s the difference between liberty and tyranny. Between civilization and disaster. Between life and death.

America makes the difference. America is the difference, which is why we all need to ensure America remains the strongest, greatest, and most prosperous nation on earth.

America may not be perfect. Americans can be flawed. But American values are what the world needs. The American value system is the best value system in the world. Have there been examples where America has not lived up to its promise or upheld its values? Of course. But this proves only that Americans are flawed, not that their values are not better than any other. America is the greatest force for good.

The anti-American agenda is dishonest and dangerous. Cowardly. Invidious, insidious and poisonous. And yet this agenda is indispensable to the Left.

It reveals the poverty of their morality. Rather than defend the country and value system that has permitted them to have such enormous influence over cultural institutions, schools, universities and the media, they tear it down. Rather than protect the nation that the world relies on when there is a problem, they malign it.

Instead of advocating freedom, optimism, patriotism and faith, they offer socialism, feminism, environmentalism and secularism. Instead of promoting patriots, families and upstanding citizens, they give us bureaucrats, collectivists, multiculturalists and conformists. Instead of championing opportunity, achievement, innovation and growth, they rein in industry, rein in ambition and rein in production. Instead of fostering free speech and thought and delighting in a smorgasbord of opinion, they censor and squelch.

And in doing so, they subvert nature, and march all of Western civilization to the precipice of inconsequence. If not, disaster.

Their morally inverted world turns good into evil. Heroes into villains. The beautiful into ugly.

The world has changed, and not for the better.

Every single area of our life today is being downgraded because of the Left, their agendas and their stranglehold on the world.

We are less free. Poorer. Weaker. Less innovative. Less confident. Less patriotic. Less neighborly. Less family-oriented. More divided. More faithless. More mediocre.

In short, less American.

And, so, to channel Thomas Paine- how do we begin the world again?

How do we make America “America” again?

You end the waste, pay back the debt, cut the taxes, limit the government, protect the borders, hammer political correctness, preserve Judeo-Christian traditions, keep the peace through military strength, end the culture of entitlement and be loyal to the Constitution.

We do it, not by raising the white flag, but the red, white and blue flag.

We do it, not by playing defense, but by playing offense.

We do it, not by sitting down, but by standing up.

Because courage is contagious. Because tradition is the new rebellion. And because we have no choice but to restore our broken world.

We need to reclaim our classrooms. Restore integrity and impartiality to our universities. Objectivity to the mainstream media. Common sense to our children.

School students should not be fluent in the weasel, attack words of the technocratic Left like “racist”, “misogynist”, “bigot”, “homophobic”, and “harassment” and be prepared to throw them around at any time with some false sense of authority.

Political correctness, not climate change, is the great evil of our time. It is this great blacksnake used to whip us into submission. To whip us into line. If allowed to continue, it will deliver America on its knees and at the feet of once vanquished enemies. At the feet of the least desirable representatives of a deeply inferior value system.

Not in my lifetime. Not… in…. my…. lifetime.

I’m a straight, white, educated middle-class Christian male, and I am sick to death of being told I don’t get a voice. Told I’m not allowed to have an opinion. That I should check my white privilege. That I wouldn’t understand.

I’m tired of being told what I can say and what I can’t say. I’m tired of being told to be careful. I’m tired of the “victimhood” business and its crocodile tears. I’m tired of seeing good people dragged over the coals for no good reason.

I’m tired of ponytailed grad students who have taken too many gender studies seminars to know Arthur from Martha setting arbitrary standards.

I’m tired of the gutless cockroaches that double as keyboard Generals acting as a lynch mob who have nothing better to do than dictate our culture and directing the news cycle from behind a computer.

And I’m tired of seeing accomplished people losing their jobs or opportunities because they hold a certain opinion.

That’s not the America I grew up imagining. That’s not the America I spent afternoons gazing out my classroom window dreaming of.

Now, even in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we are being bullied by the anti-bullying brigade.

Europe and Australia determined long ago to become a nation of bullies forcing conformity, while calling it tolerance. I pray America doesn’t.

Political correctness is a tool for the weak and insecure to keep us on their level. Instead of everyone striving to be the best they can be, the pussycats want to turn the lions into pussycats. Why does political correctness embrace the value of other ideas while simultaneously denigrating common historic accomplishments of humanity? Why does political correctness embrace agendas of special interest groups, while simultaneously seeking to expunge mainstream values?

It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s not a condition, it’s a choice.

It’s time to not just punch this bully in the nose, but to hit first, hit hard and not stop.

It’s our time. It’s time to say this world is better off when painted in red, white and blue. It’s time to say that the only colors that matter are red, white and blue. For they unite and prosper, not divide and conquer.

America can only be at her best when she is true to her founding, true to her values, true to her promise.

Those that have experienced socialism know that it never delivers what it promises. Socialism doesn’t end poverty but it does kill opportunity. It creates a society in which there is no hope, no way to pursue one’s ambitions or dreams. Stomachs may be temporarily full, but souls are infinitely empty. America needs to be an opportunity society; not a dependency society.

Our task is mammoth but our cause so incredibly righteous. We will not falter, and we will not waver. We must fight. A return to greatness will not just roll in on the wheels of inevitability.

As we charge forward to reclaim our territory of traditional values, we will fend off the shoulder of secular society with the unbending arm of liberty.

We will not be lectured. We will palm off the shoulder of tyranny. Because we were put on this earth to succeed. Not to be trapped. Because for people like you and I, and for a country like America: treading water is the same as drowning.

I will not lay down when stronger and braver men than I refused to. I will not lay down because of those that through their bravery, were laid down permanently. We owe to those men and our countries to put this enemy on its knees, and keep it there permanently, and at the barrel of a gun if necessary.

It’s time for a new conservative revolution. It’s time to forge a new American generation that guarantees the American Dream for another 200 years. For America must always be the rainbow in our clouds. No less than the entire world’s health is at stake.

Thank you, Colorado. God Bless you and may God continue to bless these United States of America.