From #WCS14 to the globe

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From #WCS14 to the globe

In a rapidly advancing technological age, those at the Western Conservative Summit 2014 have brought the political conversation to the world.

At key points throughout the weekend, #WCS14 trended on Twitter at the top four in the country with a current total of 25 million impressions over the course of the event.

So far, Governor Sarah Palin’s speech has drawn the highest number of engagements at the event, and Ben Carson, Young Cons, Katie Pavlich, and the Washington Times have reached the largest audiences with their tweets.

The Washington Times posted the most popular tweet Friday night when Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal electrified the crowd: “Jindal tells audience at #WCS14: Obama is abandoning the American dream #POTUS”

The virtual conversation continues as Daniel Hannan, Ben Shapiro, Allen West, and others close out the Western Conservative Summit 2014 on Sunday.

Join in by tweeting your favorite quotes and comments on #WCS14!

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