Nice to be back in the Mile-High City. Beautiful! Flyin’ in from ALASKA, over snow-capped hills (think you call mountains)! Stepped off the plane reminded Todd “don’t inhale!”

So, the President was here last week, gettin’ his Rocky Mt. High on.

Busy week for him, spinning one scandal after another, got vertigo; with the Middle East exploding in chaos; our Open Borders crisis.

No time to visit the border, but time to shoot pool, wet his whistle, grinning for those icky photo-ops he really, really hates/selfies too; AND he raked in Big Bucks at Big Parties with “fat cats” (His term, not mine) This, in a border state!

Eh, the president so disparages these “cats” in public, but in private: a whole lot of cuddlin’ & purrin’ & tummy ticklin’ with the one who feeds ‘em.

See, for them, politics isn’t a cause; it’s a money maker; a business.

And when the Crony Capitalists gather, wining/dining with their pal-the-president, the rest of us are on the menu! Not invited to the party. We are the Forgotten Man. ###

During the Great Depression, Pres. Roosevelt spoke about The Forgotten Man – the man at the bottom of the totem pole who FDR said he wanted to help with his New Deal. But as Amity SHLAYS wrote: the New Deal’s Big Government polices hurt more than they helped. They made the Depression last longer & unemployment worse!

Sound familiar? It’s the same ol’ story today as government BLOATS & Crony Capitalists swallow its largess…

Those inclined to keep government BIG & wasteful? Those who profit from it! Permanent Political Class (both sides of the aisle) FEED off it… the rest of us? CRUMBS, TABLE SCRAPS.

Today, we are the Forgotten Man.

The Forgotten Man is the hard working middle class who can’t get a break: Incomes flat-lined; Making less than a decade ago; Worried about mortgage, retirement, food on the table!

The Forgotten Man is the college grad who voted for that HopeyChangey stuff, now can’t find a job: losing HOPE, got no CHANGE.

The Forgotten Man is the soldier we sent off to war, with a “Hip-Hooray” our sons & daughters look at them today. They come home forever scarred by battle, needing now the compensation they EARNED/were promised by a grateful nation; they’re shuffled around the VA, denied “rationed care’, made to wait – some die waiting, while bureaucrats sneak themselves raises & hide their corrupt paper trail.

The Forgotten Man is the patriot; she has a Tea Party to champion the blessings of liberty. But soon, finds herself TARGET of the IRS! When she complains about it, no one listens (until the head of the IRS finally admits to the wrongdoing) & even when crystal-clear evidence stares the President in the face, he lies: “No corruption at’all, not even a smidgen.”

Sadly, the Forgotten Man got used to being lied to. Benghazi? President got us into a war in Libya without Congressional approval. Our ambassador there begged for security but was ignored & then murdered when the consulate was attacked (as predicted) by Savage Muslim Terrorists! Americans were left behind to die! Then, Obama helped spread the lie that a “spontaneous protest” over YouTube was to blame for this highly organized, premeditated attack.

The Forgotten Man is used to Obama’s lawlessness: Take amnesty. Congress declined to pass it (the DREAM Act) so the DREAM WEAVER waved his magic wand & unilaterally enacted his own, which created this current crisis as illegals pour in to collect what he illegally promised them. Now, c’mon, Democrats, your guy “The One” who’d part the waters & calm the seas & sink every shot – or whatever that Fairy Tale was in ’08; you support his doctrine: break the law/get a REWARD? Your incentives are invitations! It’s gonna get worse.

And now the Forgotten Man is working class Americans from all backgrounds/races – native born/legal immigrants – forced to compete for limited jobs & services against this flood. You think it’s ONLY innocent, precious children you see on tv (abused by parents who’d send them across our dissenigrated RED LINE)… noooo, see with open borders nothing is sifting out the GangBangers, BadGuys, there WILL BE TERRORISTS in the mix AND WE’RE OFFERING TO TAKE CARE OF THEM! America-the-unfunded-charity will strengthen them! as we’re overrun if Obama won’t obey the law & secure our borders! Then it’s not Immigration, it’s Invasion.

We’re trillions in debt; cities insolvent; overrun healthcare system, police forces, schools, welfare-state-stretched to the max! Ordinary Americans know this. But the politicians’ rich, pro-amnesty pals in Silicon Valley & Wall Street can afford the BEST “border security” money can buy, in their own tidy, exclusive gated communities.

(Notice they’re not hauling illegals to swanky ‘hoods in DC or Manhattan/San Francisco? They’re housed in vacant schools in working class neighborhoods; why not Harvard Yard? or Columbia U? There too, School’s Out for Summer!) ###

Millions of Americans are out of work, but wealthy amnesty supporters don’t want to hire & pay American workers a decent wage. They’d rather replace ’em with foreign laborer. It’s cheaper!

The Forgotten Man believes if you play by the rules & do right you can still earn an honest living & the DIGNITY that comes with it – and get ahead! You can work hard & lay a foundation of success for your child- she can finish what you started! But that is lost when no one has to play by the rules and when those at the top collude to drive down wages of American workers by replacing them ###

But! What that Man has, is belief in this exceptional nation! So says, no one Fundamentally Transforms it; Undermining its Rule of Law; make it just another chunk ‘o land on a map, no different from the countries our ancestors left to stake claim here, legally!

But, still we have to ask: who’s looking out for the American worker? Who has their back/Who fights for them? Who stands up for the Forgotten Man? ###

Y’know, one man did. He was an FDR democrat who left his party because, he said his party left him. That man was Ronald Reagan.

Reagan said, “You can’t be for big government, big taxes, & big bureaucracy, & still be for the little guy.” He stood for us.

He believed firmly in legal immigration – just as I do. Made that Amnesty Mistake (unsecured border) bet he’d never make the same mistake twice. Let’s learn from history.

He stood for the working man; for opportunity, and that’s why the “Reagan democrats” stood with him!

Summed up, on my Facebook page, Sam Griffith posts: “I grew up poor. My mother was a die-hard FDR democrat. When I turned eighteen the first president I voted for was Ronald Reagan. My mother was beside herself. When she asked me why I’d voted for him, I told her I didn’t plan on STAYING poor!”

That is our message! Stand for it!

Want to win big this year, listen to Sam.

Stand for the guy who still wants to believe in the American dream! The little guy. Might not afford a seat at the table of foofoo-chichi fancy fundraisers, but they don’t begrudge success. It’s celebrated! They want to achieve it themselves by doing RIGHT, not cutting D.C. deals & greasing palms o’power. ###

RIGHT is making government live within its means;

Keeping it limited to protect liberties & allow prosperity;

It’s understanding the Constitution is not a tool for government to restrain the people (as Patrick Henry said) “It’s an instrument for the people to restrain the government.”

What’s “right” is standing for freedom, and a culture of LIFE, and respecting the United States military, letting free markets create jobs & securing borders to protect jobs!

It means, Mr. President, defending our Constitution & the rule of law. ###

These days, you hear ALL these politicians denouncing Barack Obama as a “lawless Imperial President” who ignores court orders, changes laws by fiat & refuses to enforce laws he doesn’t like.

Question is: what are they going to DO about it?

I’m calling their bluff! We need a little less talk & a lot more action.

There’s only one remedy for a president who commits “high crimes & misdemeanors” It’s impeachment. The “i word”!

You don’t need a fancy law degree to know laws aren’t enforced today. Illegal immigrants all over the world know this.

And y’know, I don’t need lectures from Eric Holder – a guy so incompetent he denied voter fraud existed even after someone claimed they were Eric Holder & got his ballot to vote in D.C.!

Dear dubious Eric, only cabinet member in US history to be held in Contempt of Congress wants to weigh in, he could advise his boss: get out of the bubble, go to border towns; see consequences of deliberately not enforcing law.

And Eric, instead of shamelessly playing the race card, try to “get it” that illegal immigration hurts ALL Americans; ALL races & backgrounds. (Even Caesar Chavez opposed it; knowing it hurts legals & our working class fighting for decent wages!)

And “racism”, you charge? Because one opposes a failed, unjust agenda? That’s a disgusting false charge Mr. Attorney General. Use your noggin’! What’s to account for “anti-Obama policy-protests” TODAY in black communities; Hispanic circles; on reservations; in my own home.

Who would go right to the color of a man’s skin to judge, to marginalize, lay blame… who? only one quite prejudice.

On impeachment; it’s got ’em nervous. And let’s be clear & they know “high crimes & misdemeanors” does not mean today’s ordinary criminal offenses. The Framers used the term to mean “a Dereliction of Duty.” The first duty of the president is: enforce our laws & preserve, protect, defend our Constitution.

Alexander Hamilton described impeachable offenses as “the abuse or violation of some public trust.” He called them “political” offenses because they “relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself.”

No serious person can deny that Team Obama has abused & violated the public trust & the Constitution.

Rocking us to our core from Benghazi; Fast & Furious gun-running; Stimulus Bust – greenies on our greenbacks; Scandals! NSA spies; Obamacare lies; VA- Vets die; IRS aims (to repress Conservative’s voice); DOJ wiretaps reporters; violating religious rights; ignoring illegal in-house fundraising; the list of abuse goes on & on.

Look, alone, not defending borders is derilection of duty, violating the Oath of Office! If that’s not impeachable, nothing is. If he is not impeachable then no one is.

And upon the world stage? Too much to cover, but we can’t even I.D. the enemy in “Overseas Contingency Operations” (that’d be “war” to normal people). Intervention strategies so unreliable, inconsequential applied to fighting to win.

JuxTaPose our murkiness with, say, Bibi Netenyahu’s clarity. Israel knows the enemy. He says: “We develop missile-defense systems to protect our citizens, while they use their citizens to protect their missiles.” Who’s side are you on!?

So the list goes on. (Not all impeachable offenses, some just offensive.) With excuses, blame Bush, blame Boehner, blame bummer of a ballgame, bad day on the links, who knows why….

But the Constitution holds the president responsible for the executive branch. Can’t just vote “present”; feign ignorance of all this, any more than a mob boss can claim innocence because he didn’t personally do the hit. The buck stops with the guy at the top. ###

Impeachment is THEE check & making the case is not difficult. Difficult is having the moral courage to do what’s right. Takes guts to hold them accountable. It takes political will!

Some argue for cautious inaction, saying, “Obama’s policies are exposed as failures, why rock the boat?” But that argument misses the point.

He’s radically changing the balance of power. It’s setting a wicked dangerous precedent. With his “pen & phone,” abRAgating Congressional authority; making himself a RULER, not a president. We had a revolution back in 1776 because we don’t do kings.

Some say “wait for the NEXT election & HOPE big GOP victory reins in the radicals!” Been there, done that, in 2010!

^^ Friends, if we LET Congress refuse to use the power the Constitution gives it, Barack Obama will continue to RULE however he wants! And the fabric of America unravels. ###

Don’t be afraid to raise this. There’s no other recourse. We’re drifting, rudderless, Captain says: he’s going it alone! Well… shipmates, it’s our responsibility.

The only thing necessary for them to “Fundamentally Transform America” is for good men to do nothing! We must hold him accountable!

If not these violations…and an Imperial President’s pledge to continue to “go it alone” what will it take? How bad does it have to get?

Consider this: We live in an America now where:

government spies on us & targets because of political beliefs;

terrorist leaders are set free! Back to the Death Cult they go, back to the battlefield;

an America where our healthcare is taken from us & we’re FORCED to buy something we don’t want & can’t afford;

government takes aim at Catholic nuns because they adhere to their Catholic faith;

where, “No border – no nation, meh.”

And where the president keeps a “kill list” of people he says he’s authorized to see executed on sight.

If you’re fine with that then by all means sit back, hope for the best. But your apathy is their power. Others? We want change; that comes with healing the injuries done to society by an unchecked president; that starts with having the guts to talk about impeachment.

This lame duck administration will engage in all sorts of mischief in the next few years. Please, look ahead! Consider the judicial damage, understanding – it’ll be “unrecoverable.” We must send the message now! Let your voice be heard! Use your mighty weapons of pen/phone.

With courage & sunny optimism rooted in time-tested truth on our side, let’s stand again for liberty! And prosperity (& the key isn’t a “hand out,”) it’s the calloused hands of those who built this country!

Lasting prosperity doesn’t come from top-down government or community organizing.

This exceptional country was built by the little guy – who plowed the fields & worked the factories, built the railroads & the skyscrapers, the pipelines, power plants! They planted & sowed & carved a nation out of the wilderness. And the most brave fought & won our country’s wars. They made America the greatest nation in the history of mankind. Yes… they built it! They deserve our work, now.

This president’s Forgotten Man is ‘We the People’ & ‘We the People’ know our best days are still ahead because we know God shed His grace on thee & He’s given us our freedom to do what’s right.

Finally, as you enjoy beautiful Colorado, consider this state’s motto: “Nothing Without Providence.” Appeal to Heaven for wisdom & courage and America will be saved – everything WITH Providence.

So, ever thankful, I say, God bless you, God bless America!