Hewitt’s call for generational unity at #WCS14

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Hewitt’s call for generational unity at #WCS14

Popular radio talk show host and author Hugh Hewitt took center stage Saturday morning amid thunderous applause from a corner of the Denver Hyatt Regency ballroom where over 200 young people sat in attendance at the 2014 Western Conservative Summit.

Earlier in the week, Hewitt had led the young people in philosophical debates and discussions about current political issues at Colorado Christian University’s Young Conservatives Leadership Conference and was evidently impressed. He dubbed the 16-20 years olds “Armstrong Fellows” because of their excitement to engage in 2016.

“They made non-cynical, substantive arguments,” said Hewitt, also noting plenty of room exists for continued growth and improvement.

The message of unity resounded once again as Hewitt drew the generations together, saying  older generations possessed an inherent responsibility to the youth. He called on WCS 2014 attendees to ensure the young conservatives are  “fully formed” through encouragement and support.

Millennials, Hewitt said, are most engaged virtually via technology. “[They] correspond 24/7 and do so effectively and immediately on all sorts of patterns,” said Hewitt. Because the virtual world is admittedly unfamiliar to many older members of the conservative movement, Hewitt strongly emphasized the importance of learning to utilize this new venue to impact the future.

“They are a completely new force choosing to engage here,” said Hewitt.

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