Hope for a weary nation gleamed at WCS14

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Hope for a weary nation gleamed at WCS14

The Western Conservative Summit 2014 concluded last weekend with its largest attendance, stellar presenters, and hopeful theme, “America at its Best.” WCS ’14 demonstrated that conservative ideas cross race and gender lines and represent the best hope for a nation weary after six years  of “hopeless chains.” WCS ’14 reminded us that there are big ideas and fundamental truths that can strengthen the world’s greatest nation and restore optimism to its people.

The opening keynote was delivered by Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, the son of immigrants from India. Capping the keynote session was Dr.  Ben Carson, more noted for being one of the world’s finest neurosurgeons and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, than he is a politician or person of color from Detroit. U.S. Senator Tim Scott  of South Carolina (one of two black U.S. senators) opened the session on Saturday. Sen. Scott reminded attendees that the US spends a first class $700 billion on education annually (federal, state, and local combined) yet gets second class results.

Saturday afternoon’s session opened with three strong women who called for more freedom and less government. Jenny Beth Martin made an eloquent case for Tea Party principles and was followed by former Governor Sarah Palin who argued that articles of impeachment were placed in the Constitution to address an imperial president who can’t help but over reach in domestic power yet under responds to international crises. Former NY Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey then took the podium to enumerate the abysmal failures of Obamacare. Saturday’s plenary session concluded with LA state senator Elbert Guillory, a former Democrat and person of color, who explained how the Democratic Party has failed to deal with the realities of our world.

The Saturday night session concluded with cogent cases for American exceptionalism by dinner speaker U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (MN) followed by talk show host Dennis Prager, Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint, and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (TX) who received several standing ovations.

The Sunday session opened with breakfast speaker Linda Chavez, the highest-ranking woman in the Reagan White House, and a well known expert on immigration and bi-lingual education. Chavez was followed by Daniel Hannan, member of the European Parliament, who spoke about the freedom principles laid down in the Magna Carta (which will enjoy its 800th year anniversary on June 12, 2015.) The Magna Carta was the first document imposed upon the King of England in an attempt to limit his powers by law and protect their rights. The interest in protecting the individual against the state continues unabated.

The Sunday session was closed with perhaps the most rousing oration of all by former U.S. Rep. Allen West (FL) who, as a decorated Army veteran and person of color,  said, “Conservatives don’t care about the color of your skin. We care about the colors of our flag” and “the reason that Barack Obama and Eric Holder focus so much on the color of their skin rather than on the content of their character is that they don’t have any character.”

A new Quinnipiac University poll indicates that 33% of registered voters believe that Barack Obama is the worst president since World War II. A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that Americans view President Obama as being less competent than George Bush at the same time in his presidency. Another Wall Street Journal poll says just 37% of respondents approve of Obama’s handling of foreign-policy issues, an all-time low. Obama’s approval rating with seniors (65+) is at 36%, an all-time low.

It is clear that the Obama administration is unraveling. Crises at home and abroad are met with a surge in fundraising efforts, indicating that the President is extremely worried about the 2014 mid-term elections. Should his party lose control of the senate, he will be headed for an arduous two year lame duck session plagued with scandals and investigations. Recent Supreme Court decisions, among others, do not bode well for his signature accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act.

WCS ’14 showcased that conservative principles and strong leadership are the way out of the Obama mess. It is becoming increasingly apparent that America’s six year experiment with progressivism and indulging a narcissistic President has created domestic dependence and international uncertainty. Although America must wait two years before embarking upon a return to optimism, it is clear that WCS ’14, with its rich diversity of age, race, and gender, has pointed the way to a better future through the conservative ideals of faith, family, and freedom.

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