Jindal energizes the crowd at #WCS14 Friday evening

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Jindal energizes the crowd at #WCS14 Friday evening

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal sparked instant energy at the 2014 Western Conservative Summit with a kickoff speech that quickly catapulted #WCS14 to the top four Twitter trend in the country.

“The thing that worries me the most is this president’s relentless efforts to redefine the American dream,” said Jindal. “I am tired of the left!”

“The American dream I learned was never about envy,” said Jindal, emphasizing instead an American dream promoting equality of opportunity where every generation leaves a future for the next.

Jindal showcased the consequences of the Obama administration, saying current leadership aims to divide the American people, expand invasive government influence, and evolve America into the European model of tyranny U.S. patriots first rejected nearly 240 years ago.

“We need the president to do his job,” said Jindal, referring in particular to America’s porous southern border.

Jindal adamantly stated that the “greatest country on earth” must refuse negotiations with terrorists and emphasize the role of parents in their children’s education in order to truly preserve the title.

While leadership in Washington may be failing to achieve these objectives, Jindal believes the spirit of liberty that first birthed the United States of America is making a comeback. “I sense there is a rebellion brewing,” said Jindal.

As he exited the stage to the roar of a standing ovation, Jindal gave conservative patriots one last word of advice: “Continue to fight the good fight!”

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