Mama Grizzly speaks out in the Rocky Mountains

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Mama Grizzly speaks out in the Rocky Mountains

“Governor Sarah Palin is the most influential woman in the history of the Republican party,” said Dan Caplis of KNUS moments before the Alaskan icon took the stage at the WCS 2014. “She stands before you today undeterred and undefeated,” said Caplis.

Glad to be back in the Mile High City, Palin went straight to work doing what she does best: breaking things down to common sense, something she called an endangered species in Washington.

“We are the Forgotten Man,” she said, referring to what she calls the hardworking middle class who can’t get a break, the college graduate who voted for Obama and is now unable to find a job, the soldier who was sent to war and came home scarred by battle, and finally the patriot who is being targeted by the IRS.

“The Forgotten Man got used to being lied to,” said Palin.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way, if someone will simply stand up and reclaim the ground our forefathers died to secure.

“The only thing necessary for them to fundamentally transform America is for good men to do nothing,” said the former governor.

The action she urges?


The leader who was supposed to faithfully execute his office and preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States has failed to fulfill that commitment, and Governor Palin advocated Constitutional action.

“Your apathy is their power,” said Palin. “You need to use your mighty weapons of a pen and a phone and influence Congress.”

What the former governor called “high crimes and misdemeanors” by President Obama included a list of political offenses from NSA, Benghazi, VA, and IRS scandals, to breaches of privacy for American journalists, to American border violations. “The buck stops with the guy at the top,” Palin said. 

“How bad does it have to get?” she asked the crowd. “If he’s not impeachable, no one is.”

“Stand for the guy who still wants to believe in the American dream: the little guy,” said Palin.

Tough moral courage to do the right thing when it counts is what the Mama Grizzly deemed essential for patriots, who she insisted must send the message now.

“Don’t let anybody tell you to sit down and shut up,” said Governor Palin. “You know what is right.”

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