Let freedom ring: words from the #WCS14

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Let freedom ring: words from the #WCS14

Saturday night marks the midpoint of the 2014 Western Conservative Summit, and attendees from all backgrounds and generations react to speakers throughout the weekend so far:



John Pyson, 2year attendee: “I like his common sense. I like his non-political approach to America’s problems. He has solutions to all of the major issues that confront us today….The solutions are common sense, and if you do the math, they fit.”

Bishop Phillip H. Porter, Denver resident for 55 years, former Promise Keepers board chairman: “I’m excited about the possibility that Ben will run. I think he has a unique approach, some great common sense ideas about what we can do, and

[he is] unafraid to tackle those. I hope he will run, and it’s an exciting time to try to turn this country around….I’m excited, and that’s why I’m here at this Western Conservative Summit.”



Angel Patrick, WCS 2014 attendee: “I thought Sarah Palin was very on point. She really wants to have Obama impeached…. [She] has shown so much evidence on why we should do that as a people, and if he’s not impeachable who is? If we do not hold government accountable, we’re going to end up with a government that’s out of control.”

Nataly Garcia, 15, parents came from El Salvador, WCS 2014 attendee through the Young Conservatives Leadership Conference at CCU: “What [Palin] said was very inspiring. Mostly, I focused on the immigration issues because I connect most with that. I liked her point of view of how we can have our life here, as long as we do it correctly….I think that’s fair. I think it’s fair to say that if we’re going to be here, we should be straight up Americans. There is not going to be one set of rules for one type of people, and a different for another type….As long as we do it correctly, we’ll still be treated as one.”



Bob Jenkins, multiple-year WCS attendee: “Bobby Jindal was fabulous….Jindal stood out tremendously from what he had done before…. [He] turned Louisiana around by creating jobs….We have to have faith in our country, we have to have faith in God, and we have to have those jobs. If you don’t believe that jobs help poor people and that we Republicans don’t care for those people, then you’re missing the whole point of the Republican party. The Republicans are the ones that try to make the middle class work, to get people out of poverty.”



Dillon Pavisz, 1st-time attendee, heard about #WCS14 through Young Americans for Freedom, age 17: “I was ecstatic….If I didn’t already like Ted Cruz, I would be a big Ted Cruz supporter after that speech….We really need to tighten down on border security.”

Karla Kroeker, 2-time attendee, age 69: “I thought he was awesome….He is a great orator [and has] the ideals of our Founding Fathers.”

Christie Johnson, Shining City Scholar, high school student: “The many speakers we’ve had this week have brought up many of the subjects again and again, all brilliantly and all with passion. I appreciated that Ted Cruz covered all of those, but what impressed me the most was that he mentioned Pastor Saeed Abedini, an American pastor, and Miriam Ibrahim who are being persecuted overseas….He brought that to the attention of the many thousands of people here at WCS….Last year I was invited by our local representative to attend, and it was very inspirational, challenging, [and] encouraging. It sets off a spark in you. You want to go out and do great things. You want to be involved. Who wouldn’t want to come back to that?”

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