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Policy brief: How marijuana endangers Colorado kids

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Colorado’s legalization of optional (miscalled “recreational”) marijuana is a dangerous experiment at young people’s expense, requiring damage control measures by state and local government as soon as possible. That’s the conclusion […]

Wising up to the Democrats’ war on women

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Originally published in the Washington Times. In June I was at a Cory Gardner for Senate get-together. The Colorado Republican candidate told a roomful of friends that he was surprised to see his Democratic opponent, Mark Udall, running ads accusing Gardner of banning birth control – since Gardner had just picked up his wife’s birth control pills. Everybody laughed. […]

Hamas regrouping, reloading with lethal new rockets

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(Centennial Fellow) The reprieve from fighting over Hamas tunnels in the Gaza may be over for now but the fight will return and it will get worse. […]

Signs of healing in Ferguson

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We’ve had plenty of rhetorical villains since the fatal police shooting of a black teen in Ferguson, Missouri, little more than grandstanders stirring up fear in vengeful tones. And we’ve had violence and looting, mostly by nonresidents taking advantage of a tragedy to enrich themselves. But we’ve had heroes, too, and, at the young man’s funeral, we had calls for engaged citizenship and a stop to community disruption. […]

Assault on Perry is assault on America

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Disagree with someone’s politics? Forget the ballot box, indict the bum and stick him in prison if you can. It’s a dangerous, totalitarian-threatening, un-American trend, says the wonderfully worthy Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor who told Newsmax he was nothing short of outraged by recent doings in Texas. Everyone else should be, too, he said, whether liberal or conservative. […]

Europe and the end of history

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(Oslo) In 1992 renowned political scientist Francis Fukuyama published an iconic book entitled The End of History and the last Man which was widely interpreted to mean that with the collapse of the Soviet Union the World had reached a decisive turning point characterized by the final triumph of liberal democracy and free markets. […]

Liberty rang out at Young Conservatives Leadership Conference

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When Centennial Institute invited young conservatives to a leadership conference at CCU last month, chaired by radio host Hugh Hewitt, 123 came from 17 states. […]

Defeating Hamas is the only hope for peace

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In 2005 Gaza was unconditionally given to the Palestinians. They quickly handed it over to Hamas, made it a terror fortress, and smuggled in all the weapons of war that they could (which brought about a blockade). All efforts of peace since then have been met with “Massacre all the Jews!” […]

Commentary: Exaggerating campus rape does not provide solutions

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If you believe statistics mouthed by your president, and if you still define rape as it has been traditionally defined — sexual intercourse without consent, usually using force — our universities have become some of the most dangerous places in the world. […]

Peg’s meticulous minutes of Summit workshops

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Editor: How does she do it? Peg Brady not only journals nonstop through the Western Conservative Summit main sessions. She also takes in the citizen action workshops and breakout sessions by great gulps […]